Race the dream, live the dream


Odemz takes comeback victory in final race of Season 10...

Qualifying saw the 2 Haas cars of Nowek and the returning Odemz take 1-2. With MLA 3rd after Mali suffered from a 5 place grid penalty during quali. Blackmamba serving his quali ban started last. Nowek got off well and maintained from the 2 behind. There was a 3 wide moment through T3 which ended badly for LTW as his race ended prematurely. 

There was a spin for Primal Rex and Samster through T7 as a VSC greeted the field. Jor was the second casualty on lap 3. A 4 way scrap emerged between FFlair, Melloy, Jamesslater and Mali before FFlair spun, losing his front wing. Mali tried desperately to clear the two squabbling Renaults. Mali and Melloy both fought for the same piece of tarmac hard, resulting in them both spinning leading too CloudyBalloons and Blackmamba getting them both. 

The race turned on it’s head after Nowek lost his front wing after a spin on lap 7. Odemz and MLA got past as he had to make an early pitstop for softs. MLA was next to pit a few laps later for softs. His subsequent battling through the midfield gave Odemz the chance of an over-cut onto SS’s, which he duly took to retain the lead. A 2 stopping Jamesslater led Nowek in 3rd. Helping Blackmamba to catch up which the Sauber man did in the latter stages of the race. He overtook but was deemed to have cut the corner and given a penalty, along with having to give the position back. 

The action wasn’t over as FFlair and Laurence both battled hard for the lower points position which saw Cloudy, with a puncturing tyre get involved. The Williams man’s try finally deflated leaving the two Toro Rosso's to take him on the line. Odemz crossed the line to take his first win of the season with MLA in second. Nowek took third ahead of Jamesslater who managed to get no penalties. 5th was Blackmamba, 6th Mali and 7th Melloy. Cloudy, with no penalties got 8th back, FFlair in 9th ans Laurence 10th.

Techno wins final Podium Tier race as Sauber win Constructors...

Technothriller took pole position from Stifler and Theboogster as we closed out the final quali session for the Podium Tier in S10. Off the start Techno ran a touch wide, but maintained position. Jamie and Lukey both got into a collision early on and had to make 1st lap pitstops. Dweller pulled a clever move on Kevv to take 6th. Tejuarr became the first casualty on lap 4 while Kian flew by Theboogster. 

Dweller was the first of the top 10 to pit on lap 6 while Ollz managed to keep his car out the barrier after a spin at T3. Stifler’s chase of techno came to and end after he lost some of his front wing off the back of him and relinquished 2nd to Kian. Techno pitted for softs on lap 9, going to the end. Kian pit on lap 10, with his teammate Kevv choosing to do the same, losing him a bit of time. Stifler’s wing took another beaten as he lost a bit more of his wing on the back of Reyzart, before losing control of his car and almost losing a wheel on turn 3. 

Matt went on a charge after pitting for a second time for SS’s, as did Jonas in 12th. Matt and Stifler showed a lot of aggression in their battling, both losing some front wing. It ended badly for Stifler as he spun his car, leading him to retire. We were greeted with a VSC to close the final laps as Techno crossed the line to win. Kian took 2nd ahead of Theboogster with Dweller and Kevv behind. Lukey put on a tremendous comeback to take 6th from Ollz and Jonas. Reyzart finished 9th ahead of a disappointed Matt. The race ended early due to a game glitch and meant the results were taken as they crossed the line to complete lap 25. This cost Gazza the chance to stop his Red Bull team being leaped in the Constructors Standings.

Beasthas wins Championship in F1 Ts Hub Classic...

A ridiculously close quali saw Nowek take his first pole position in F1 Ts Hub. Mali, blackmamba and Beasthas all found themselves within a tenth of the Haas driver, respectively. Nowek kept his lead from the start as the top 4 remained the same. CloudyBalloons and Jor clashed once again, the Williams Driver coming off worse. Beasthas fought Blackmamba for the Podium with Sean closing in. 

MLA crept up into 10th after a poor quali. Sean lost two positions too LTW and FFlair. Blackmamba restarted the fight with Beasthas for 3rd and got him into lap 5. Beasthas lost a bit of front wing in the exchange leaving him under threat from FFlair who overtook LTW. Sean and Melloy both battled hard for 7th leaving Sam and MLA to get involved in the battle. With 4 cars in tandem you’d think there’d be nothing else worth keeping your eye on but Beasthas, FFlair and LTW both went three wide into T4, leaving FFlair in a bother and Beasthas with no front wing. Beasthas rejoined in 14th place, dead last and began his fight back. 

Nowek was the first to pit off of his SS. FFlair and Cloudy both had a lag incident, leaving both out of the race. MLA now led the race after all the pitstops with Melloy and Laurence behind. Melloy pit and rejoined behind his teammate James, before quickly dispatching him. He couldn’t do the same to Blackmamba only to make contact and half spin. MLA finally pit on lap 17. Rain came on lap 20 as MLA and Beasthas fought their way back up the field. MLA’s decision to pit for Mediums left everybody scratching their heads. Jor was the first to pit as Nowek’s supersofts fell off. Mali took the lead on lap 23 after Nowek pit. His mechanics made amess up as he was put onto softs instead of inters, leaving Beasthas in 7th. MLA, 

Blackmamba and Sean both pit with Beasthas and Nowek opting not too. Nowek’s decision saw him off onto the grass twice in one lap. Sean made a brilliant move on James on lap 25 for 5th on lap 5. Beasthas and Nowek finally pit, leaving the whole grid on Inters. But the drama wasn’t done there. MLA closed up on Blackmamba for 3rd while Beasthas fed onto the back of the 2 Renault’s of Melloy and James, getting them on lap 31. Beasthas now in 6th still didn’t have the championship in his hands as Blackmamba lost 3rd to MLA. 

The track dried up and the bewilderment continued as MLA and Sean both pit for slicks on the last 2 laps. Beasthas jumped both of them but MLA took him back a few moments later. Mali’s lead completely vanquished in the last few laps with poor tyre wear and 5 corners from the checkered flag, LTW took the lead! LTW took first place for the second time in the season. Mali crossed the line 2nd with Blackmamba in 3rd. MLA finished 4th ahead of Beasthas and Sean meaning Beasthas wins the championship in the penultimate round. Jamesslater took 7th ahead of a recovering Nowek. Melloy finished in 9th with Laurence taking 10th. 

Blackmamba was later disqualified form the classifications for failing to serve his qualifying ban he acquired in Mexico.

Kian win Drivers Championship in Brazil...

Drama before the race as Technothriller, due to the snowy conditions, was unable to attend the race meaning it was all on Theboogster to take the title fight down to the wire. It didn’t get off to the best start for him however, as Kian took Pole ahead of him in the rainy session. Dweller lined up behind in 3rd. 

Rain continued for the race as Kian retained his lead from Theboogster with Matt_ur_Daddy and Jamie following Dweller. Reyzart was an early pace setter, taking stifler for 7th as Matt hustled Dweller. Stifler made it back past but in his attempt to take 7th once again, they collided with Reyzart coming off worse. It went from bad to worse as Greenfin didn’t give the McLaren man the room he wanted, and he fell even further down. Kian eeked away from theboogster as the time for slicks came near. 3rd place Dweller was the first to pit from the top ten, which proved to be fatal as he lost ground. Kevv jumped Jamie who now had Stifler to contend with for 6th place. The top 2 pit at the same time. Kian went for supersofts while Theboogster took softs. 

Kevv half spun, giving Jamie 5th place back. AliD retired in the first sector, meaning his quest for points continued. Matt gave up the advantage he gained through the pitstops after half spinning, giving Dweller 3rd once again. Gazza and Greenfin battled hard for 8th place and a lap later, Matt regained his podium place with a brilliant move around t4 on Dweller. Stifler took Kevv for 5th as Kevv struggled on the slicks. Jamie disconnected from 5th, in T4 but rejoined almost instantly before the end of lap, albeit down in 7th. Stifler spun from 5th, losing his front wing. Kevv suffered the same fate although without any damage, leading Jamie to catch up to the Williams man once again. Gazza also got passed Greenfin for what was now 7th place. 

Stifler caught Kevv once again but spun while trying to overtake him. Kian held of the charging Force India to take the win and the Championship! Matt took 3rd on his home race ahead of Dweller and Jamie. Kevv finished ahead of Stifler to take 6th. Gazza finished in 8th with Greenfin 9th. Tejuarr took the final podium position.

It all goes down to the wire as connection woes heat up title fight...

Theboogster capitalized on Kian poor qualifying to take pole position ahead of Techno and Kevv. The Championship leader found himself down in 7th place. It was near disaster as Stifler came steaming into the first corner, almost taking the top 2 clean out. 

Techno managed to steal the lead but gained a 5 second penalty in the process from taking avoiding action. Kevv dropped down to 10th as Ollz snuck into 3rd. Theboogster retook the lead on lap 2 as Techno lost the backend through the first chicane. Kian managed to make up 2 places to 5th. 

Kian overtook Ollz for third but disaster struck as he lost connection from the race, falling down the order. The top 2 pit. Techno went for the one stop, albeit a very early one, and Theboogster went for the 2. Kian ghost pitted fortunately at the right time as he managed to get back into the session on supers. Emphaticz occupied the lead after starting on the softs, happily conceding it to Theboogster. 

Matt and Ollz squabbled for 3rd before the Ferrari man had an incident heading into the stadium section. Theboogster made his second stop and stormed right up to Techno. It took a while but he got the job done and that was that as he managed to take the flag. Techno took second ahead of a delighted Ollz. Kian came back up for 4th with Gazza taking a commendable 5th. Emphaticz finished 7th ahead of Jamie and Jonas who had quiet races. Tejuarr finished ahead of Spideraltis for the final 3 points.

Beasthas takes commanding lead into penultimate race...

FFlair took pole position from his former teammate Beasthas. Halfway through the race saw mass disconnection meaning we had a restart. We had only 10 for the restart as Beasthas and the lead as Nowek and Mali both crashed at the 1st corner. 

MLA and Sean battled gleefully with eachother for 2nd place while debutant MMelloy found himself in 5th. The race saw many exciting battles as Melloy and Primal both danced through the first sector. 

MLA’s late pitstop saw him fall behind his teammate and Blackmamaba but he took the Sauber driver on lap 20. Beasthas came to take the win ahead of MLA after Sean fell down the order from penalties. Blackmamba took 4th ahead of a very happy Melloy. CloudyBalloons finished 6th ahead of the last finisher, Jamesslater.

Kian puts one hand on trophy with win in USA...

It was pole for Kian once again. Snatching it of Technothriller as Theboogster lined up 3rd. Off the start, Kevv jumped theboogster for 3rd, as Matt made a first lap pitstop. Techno made it past Kian on lap 4. To take the lead. Kian took it back on lap 7, prompting Techno to pit. Theboogster followed, both looking to undercut the cars ahead. 

Techno went for supers as Theboogster went for softs. Kian emerged behind, on softs as the Sauber man began to pull away. Stifler made his way past his teammate after his stop to begin his podium exploits. He began scrapping with the recovering man of Dwelller for 5th. Rain looked on the horizon as Kian caught up too techno on his worn tyres. Techno made it to the rain period, but not before Kian reovertook him for the lead. 

Cobblers was the first to blink but it was too early as he lost a lot of ground. On the other hand, Dweller pit too late. Also falling down the order. A mistake by Kevv saw him into the pits for damage, finding himself in 8th. Kian crossed the line to win and to take a massive foothold on the championship. Theboogster jumped Techno at the last minute due to penalties while Stifler and Jamie snuck 4th and 5th ahead of Kevv. Ollz recovered from a first lap mare for 7th. 8th came Emphaticz, 9th Spideraltis and Jonas took the final points position.

Beasthas takes convincing win to extend gap in the Championship...

Beasthas took a convincing Pole ahead of Sean and Learningthewheel. MLA found himself back down in 6th, behind the 2 McLarens of FFlair and Mali. MLA and Sam made brilliant getaways too take 2nd and 4th, although Sam lost his momentum immediately.

Beasthas kept his lead from Sean as Blackmamba retired. The VSC promptly came out. Mali, FFlair and LTW had a titanic battle for 4th. Swapping positions every lap till Mali found himself down in 8th, and his sister McLaren haven taken 4th spot. The top 3 pit, MLA opting to go longer for supersofts. FFlair dissected his way down the field expertly as Sean closed the gap to the leader. 

CloudyBalloons and Mali were in the wars after the McLaren pit. The Williams driver being worsefor wear. That was all she wrote as Beasthas took the win. Sean finished 4th as penalties jumped him behind MLA and LTW. FFlair took 5th, jamesslatee 6th ahead of Mali in 7th. Jor finished ahead of Sam in 8th and Primalrex was pipped by CloudyBalloons to 10th after a last lap scrap.

Learningthewheel delivers Ferrari's first win of the season with sumptuous drive...

Sean took pole position, pipping Beasthas by under half a tenth. MLA made it a Merc sandwich with a returning FFlair sticking it into 4th. Beasthas got the best get away, but Sean, not willing to give up the position, fought back. The 2 eventually collided, leaving them both stranded in last. FFlair inherited the lead. MLA was looking in prime position to capitalize but a lag incident saw him drop down the field, near his teammate with front wing damage as Beasthas retired from the session. His 2nd time in 3 outings. 

Sean climbed his way back up the field as the midfield shuffled around. Jor and Dninety collided, putting them both out. Blackmamba was the next retiree as the 2 Renaults squabbled for 4th before Wommeh’s mistake bumped him down the order. More mistakes through the field as Matt and Sam both fell down the order and Jamesslater was next, spinning out at spoon. Mali was the first to pit for Mediums. LTW and FFlair left it later. More so LTW. FFlair pit to early for the Softs and had to 2 stop, meaning LTW took the lead. Sean and MLA climbed back up to third and fourth as Mali kekec was next to make a mistake, losing his front wing in the process. 

Sam and Jamesslater did battle but it was the win for Learningthewheel. Sean recovered to 2nd ahead of FFlair and MLA. CloudyBalloons took a brilliant 5th ahead of Matt and Mali. Jameslater, and samster rounded out the finishers as we had 7 retirements in the race,

Japanese GP goes down to a stewards decision as Kian takes the championship lead...

Kian took another pole position, sneaking it ahead of techno and theboogster. Kevv pipped Ollz to 4th. Off the start Kevv got a brilliant getaway and the front three became 4. Kevv, Techno, Kian and Ollz all collided leading to Kevvs retirement, Kian and Ollz in the pits, and Techno with a lot of work to do. Theboogster inherited the lead as the rain poured down in Suzuka as the VSC came out. 

Cobblers made up about 11 positions in the melee while Jamie, Stifler and Reyzart also hugely benefitted, finding themselves around the podium place. Stifler and Reyzart both got past Jamie as Theboogster extended his lead. Techno made his way up the field despite his front wing damage but Kian was left with a lot more to do as he found himself out of the points by 25 seconds. The rain slowed up and the time for slicks was imminent. Theboogster was the first to pit but went back onto inters, relinquishing the lead to Stifler. Stifler then unhanded the lead to Reyzart after he lost it at the hairpin. 

Techno blasted past Jamie and Theboogster recovering did the same. Reyzart’s lead was under threat as Techno, Boogster and even Kian chased him down. Techno got through to take the lead once again. Theboogster lined Reyzart up after a bad exit out of the degners. They didn’t fit side by side going into the hairpin and contact occurred. Theboogster speared across the track to take the position, bumping Reyzart of in the process. He opted not to give the position back and saw himself slapped with a 15 second penalty post race by the stewards. 

Reyzart pitted from 3rd giving Kian free reign as the race turned on it’s head once again. Technothriller spun it on lap 23, for from the lead. Theboogsters side pod hit him, knocking is front wing off and Kian also snuck through. Thebbogster crossed the line to win the race but was demoted, leaving Kian on the top step. Reyzart took a brilliant 3rd place ahead of Jamie. Technothriller recovered to 5th ahead of spideraltis. Another recovery saw Ollz take 7th with Stifler in 8th. Greenfin took a jubilant 9th and 10th place, the final points, went to Matt.

Kian capitalizes on the Saubers capitulation to take win...

Technothriller took pole ahead of his teammate Bothydweller and Kian. With Theboogster starting in 6th and Lamine not racing, it was a good chance for them to both get some good points on the board. As they got underway in the heavy rain in Malaysia, cobblers missed his braking point and slammed into the back of Kevv which sent him into Dweller. Kian benefited from this to take second but his pace was no match for Technothriller as he blazed of in the opening stint. 

Dweller snuck past Kevv for 3rd as Theboogster sat behind Matt. Spideraltis, Lukey, Jamie and Gazza all swapped positions occasionally as Jonas once again found himself commandeering the rain better than others up in 7th. Kevv and theboogster both spun and Matt collected the latter and compromised his race with front wing damage. Techno spun out in front and similarly, Kian got caught up in it. The crossover period came thick and fast and all of this let Dweller catch up and take the lead. His downfall however was his decision to pit for Softs instead of Mediums was a race decider. Technothriller’s downfall was complete when he crashed with the backmarker of Maverick. 

Kian caught Dweller in the last lap as the Sauber was struggling on his tyres and he didn’t fight him for it, Kian took the win with Dweller in second. Theboogster fought back for his 6th podium in a row after overtaking Kevv on the penultimate lap. Stifler just about fought off Jonas for 5th. Spideraltis took 7th ahead off Matt and Lukey. Reyzart took the last point on offer.

Beasthas soaks in the pressure to put one finger on trophy...

Beasthas once again snatched pole from Louis by a tenth in Malaysia and it proved to more crucial than usual as third placed Mali and 4th placed mamba came together and Louis came off the worst. The Sauber of mamba came out unscathed and chased Beasthas. Sean recovered from his poor qualifying to overtake Sam and chase down Jamesslater. 

CloudyBalloon and Samster had an epic battled spanning multiple sectors side by side which eventually saw the Force India man come out on top. Sean made the move on jameslater stick and his teammate was next for the Renault Driver to defend from. The first round of stops came and Beasthas opted to go onto the softs. Seans pit team ruined all his hard work and he ended up behind everybody he had overtaken and his teammate. Mali jumped MLA and set his sights on Jamesslater. 

Beasthas led from Blackmamba and Mali. The Sauber was slowly closing in on the Williams man and a spin from Beasthas saw the gap close even further. If Beasthas wasn’t feeling the pressure before, he was now as Rain came down in the closing laps. Beasthas took the race win ahead of mamba. Mali took 3rd from MLA and Sean. Jamesslater finished 6th ahead of learningthewheel on his debut. Cloudy finished 8th ahead of Laurence and Samster.

The heavens align for Blackmamba as he wins in Singapore...

Louis missed out on pole by only a tenth once again as Beasthas took pole position. Blackmamba took an impressive 3rd. It was a rainy start for the Pinnacle Drivers but Beasthas retained 1st off the line with Louis following. MLA’s late move into T1 saw him run his teammate wide. Sam had a brilliant start up in 4th and it got even better for him as Louis lost the backend and hit the wall, giving himself wing damage. 

Kian, whowas allowed to race from the Podium Tier today, Matt, and Mali all went 3 wide through turn 7 with the Mali coming off worst. MLA and Cliffy tangled, meaning Cliffy had to pit for a new front wing as well, as Mali made his way up the field. Sean pulled of a brilliant move into T1 on Sam to take 3rd. Wommeh, making his debut in the Renault hit the wall under pressure from Lawrence and Mali. He opted not to pit and Mali soon got him. Lawrence tried the same but fell into the clutches of a recovering MLA. 

RobotSophie had a lag incident sending her into the wall and out of the race. Mali took 4th after starting last and Wommeh dispatched of the Force India man as well as the drivers started to pit for slicks. Sean struggled heavily on his inlap and Mali got past him to take 3rd. Cliffy’s self inflicted retirement saw the SC come out. Beasthas opted to pit, as did Mali. Blackmamba and MLA decided to stay out. At the restart, Sean spun his Mercedes and jumped down the order while blackmamba retained his lead ahead of MLA. 

MLA and Beasthas got extremely aggressive battling over 2nd place enabling Mali to sneak into third when MLA lost out. A calamitous lag moment for Beasthas saw him lose his front wing and all hope of points as Louis battled his way back up to second and chased down blackmamba. The lag wasn;t finished there as he saw himself firmly planted in the wall. The seas parted for Blackmamba as he came across to win in only his second ever Ts Hub race, a feat shared by MLA who could only manage 3rd today, behind a spirited Mali. Wommeh took a credible 4th on his debut ahead of Jamesslater and Samster. Sean recovered to 7th ahead of DNinety and Matt. Lawrence collected the final points position.

Technothriller keeps his cool to take championship lead...

A qualifying glitch saw 10 cars get stuck in the pitlane meaning 10 cars we’re unable to set a lap time at all. Techno benefited from being the last constructor and bypassed the drivers stuck in the pitlane to take pole position. Stifler came back from his holiday to take 2nd with Theboogster and Kevv lined up behind. 

The huge news at the start was debutant Cobblers, and Kian were disconnected from the game, an unable to join back Techno kept his position from the start as Dweller overtook Lamine early on. Theboogster dropped down to 6th, meanwhile. Matt_ur_Daddy found himself spun around, with a missing endplate. A trip to the pits awaited him. Greenfin struggled as he locked up into the third corner, running wide. Theboogster pit for a front wing change as the first round of stops came. Stifler closed right up to the back of Lamine, who was chasing down Reyzart who was yet to pit, but was unable to follow the Sauber man, and Techno pulled the gap wider. 

Kevv and theboogster pulled onto the back of Reyzart as the rain began to trickle down. Theboogster went for a late, ill-advised move which only spun him and held up Reyzart. Kevv came out of that ordeal unscathed, and back into third. Maverick was the first to gamble on the Inters and it immediately backfired as he found himself in the wall. The crossover period lingered more than it should putting doubt into the drivers minds as to when to pit. Techno timed it perfectly to increase his lead even further as Jamie, for the third time this season, crashed into the pits. 

Soon enough, the inters weren’t suitable for the conditions anymore and it was time for full wets! Emphaticz was the last to pit and Lamine caught him in a very precarious position and lost his front wing as a result. Another pitstop was in order for the Mercedes man as he got a drive through penalty for speeding under the VSC. He decided to call it a day there. Kevv ruined his chances at a podium by speeding under the virtual safety car as well but Stifler managed to one up him and spin out from 2nd, gifting it to Theboogster. Matt and Dweller both struggled on inters as they decided to finish on them. Matt was clear but Dweller came under threat from Lukey, Kevv and eventually Emphaticz. He collided with the Force India man and they both had a few choice words for each other regarding the incident. 

Technothriller crossed the line to take his 4th win of the season and the championship lead, Theboogster took a strong second ahead of a rejuvenated stifler. Matt pulled of drive of the season to recover from an earlier crash and sneak 4th ahead of his teammate Lukey. Kevv took 6th ahead of Dweller and Emphaticz while the 2 McLarens of Jonas and Reyzart rounded out the top ten.

Sean drives a masterclass as MLA leads Mercedes 1-2...

Beasthas took pole position ahead of MLA and Odemz who pipped his teammate to 4th. Sean couldn’t get a lap in and found himself starting 16th. Odemz and MLA both swamped Beasthas at the start and MLA took the lead. Odemz clung to the back of Beasthas but a lag bubble saw him lose his front wing and his overtake attempt was thwarted.

Odemz’s front wing damage saw him hold up the pack, but another DSC saw his halt stopped and jamesslater moved up into third. A lot of chopping and changing occurred in the midfield and Sean carefully picked his way through. Jor tried to squeeze cobbler on the outside heading into Parabolica but went too far and took the Renault man’s front wing off. The Mclaren of Danto spun, taking Blackmamba with him as Cliffy took 3rd off of Jamesslater. Samster retired after binning it on the exit of Ascari continuing his unfortunate run of results.

Sean momentarily took the lead as the front two pit. Sophie and DNinety did their usual ploy and went the furthest on their tyres. Louis benefited from Cliffy's misfortune and took 4th off of him only for the Haas driver to take it back laps later. Sean finally pit and set about hunting down the top 2. He miraculously came out ahead of Cliffy and Louis and set about chasing Beasthas. 

On the final lap, Beasthas’ poor run out of Ascari saw Sean make his move and into Parabolica, the last corner, he took second. Prior to that, MLA crossed the line to take his 3rd win of the season and close the gap to Beasthas back to 29 points. Cliffy took 4th ahead of Louis. Jamesslater finished 6th ahead of RobotSophie and DNinety. Mali took 9th ahead of CloudyBalloons, who takes his first point of the season.

Kian returns to the top step at Monza...

It was another pole position for theboogster ahead of Technothriller and Kian. Spideraltis snuck his Renault into 4th. Emphaticz and Jonas crashed off the start, sending them both into the pits for repairs. 

Technothriller stole the lead off Theboogstr with a brilliant move under braking before the second chicane and a few laps later, Kian followed suit. Kevv overtook the Renault of Spideraltis and Dweller followed suit with some heavy braking into T4. Technothriller surrendered the lead after a mistake and Theboogster and Kian went through. 

Techno was the first to pit and he rejoined just behind the two as Lamine retired from the session, citing sickness as his main downfall. Techno overtook Theboogster once again as Dweller suffered a spin, dropping him down. Jamie and Lukey, two who started on Mediums made their late pitstops with Jamie undercutting the Ferrari man. Dweller meanwhile chased down Ollz, ruing his spin and unfair 5 second grid penalty. 

Techno closed down on Kian but it wasn’t enough as Kian crossed the line to take his 3rd win of the season and climb to within 7 points of the leader Lamine. Techno took second with Theboogster failing to match his quali pace taking 3rd. Kevv took a strong 4th ahead of Spiderlatis and Dweller who had his 5 second stop-go removed. Ollz finished 7th ahead of Jamie and Lukey. Emphaticz managed the final points position.

Bothydweller wins a chaotic race in Belgium as Title Fight becomes a 5 way affair...

Bothydweller took his second win of the season as Kian, Lamine and Technothriller all failed to score points. Kian took pole position ahead of Theboogster while Techno thriller struggled with controller issues and couldn’t make the start . Emphaticz and Reyzart filled the second row while Dweller and Lamine languished in 8th and 9th respectively. 

Rain came during the formation lap and drama came during the first lap as Theboogster didn’t want his brilliant run out of the first corner to go to waste and tried to overtale Kian through Radillon. It ended as well as you’d think with both of them coming together, and Kian retiring from the race. Matt ur Daddy got caught up in their incident and retired as well. Gazzaman meanwhile had his own crash meaning in all of this, Emphaticz took the lead ahead of Kevv. A small moment for Emphaticz up Eau Rouge saw him rejoin the track right infront of Kevv and break the Williams Drivers front wing.

Meanwhile, Dweller, Jonas and Lamine all pitted for Inters. Kevv eventually overtook Emphaticz as Reyzart retired from 3rd place, crashing at Blanchamon. Maverick followed suit a few laps later. Jonas battled his way past Emphaticz and Kevv while Lamine hounded Dweller for the lead. Lukey was the next driver to fall victim at Blanchamon on lap 5. Greenfin, Alid an Emphatickz battled for 9th an Lamine sized bothydweller up for the race lead. Kevv crashed once again, in Blanchamon and Theboogster moved up to 5th. The battle for the lead was put to a halt as a lag incident saw Lamine lose his front wing and after pitting, he lost his car, once again, at Blanchamon.

Dweller didn’t have time for any respite as he had to battle Jonas for 1st now. Spideraltis suffered from a DSC as AliD retired from the race, again, through Blanchamon. Jonas hustled and harried Dweller and made his move on lap 13 into the final chicane but Dweller fended him off and managed to do so for the remaining laps left as he crossed the win to win the Belgian GP. Jonas took a remarkable second ahead of Theboogster he recovered up to 3rd. Jamie took a quite 4th ahead of Ollz in 5th. Spideraltis got back into the session to take 6th ahead of Emphaticz in 7th, and the last classified car of Greenfin in 8th.

Seans blistering pace bags him his 2nd win...

Louis snuck pole position by .009 ahead of Sean with Cliffy, Jamesslater, Beasthas and Odemz lined up behind. MLA started in 7th and immediately off the start he was caught up in Beasthas’ half spin, giving beast a broken front wing and sending both down the order.

Odemz got his teammate and jamesslater when he spun up Eau Rougue and found himself 3rd. After a bit of squabbling, Cliffy took the position back off of him as Louis lost the lead thought Blanchamon. Sophie fought her way up the field and Mali Kekec lost his McLaren going up Eau Rougue. As the rain started to dry, MLA lost some of his front wing, but elected to not pit until the rain dried, losing him more time. Sean pitted a lap earlier than everyone else, gaining over 5 seconds after they all funneled into the pits.

A mistake by Louis saw him slide ever further down and lose a bit of his front wing as Odemz was forced to stack behind his teammate and he lost a position to Sophie. Samster crashed out at no name as the field switched onto slicks. A diving move through the final chicane saw him retake the position and Louis followed suit a few laps later.

That wasn’t it for the weather as rain came once again. Odemz's pace disappeared with it and Louis and Beast snuck by. Beasthas then continued his charge up the field and managed to take the final podium place off of Louis. Sophie hustled and hurried Odemz, pressuring him into a mistake, and taking 5th place off of him. MLA had a poor race down in 9th but his teammate didn’t mind as he crossed the line to win his second GP of the season. Cliffy took second with beasthas and Louis 3rd and 4th. Sophie pipped Odemz to 5th with Jamesslater in 7th, Mali in 8th and MLA in 9th. Matt rounded out the top ten.

Theboogster makes it two on the bounce as Lamine increases lead...

Bothydweller snuck ahead of Theboogster to take pole position as his teammate disconnected mid session, only able to take 3rd. 

The top 4 maintained position as Stifler cause a mini pile up after losing the backend out of T4. He, Matt_ur_Daddy and Emphaticz all pit at the end of lap 1 as Theboogster showed the early pace , making a move on dweller for the lead. He finally made it stick on lap 5 and never looked back. 

The first VSC of the evening came out after Lukey and Gazzaman both suffered a huge crash due to lag which left Lukey out of the race. Dweller pit while Lamine made a move on Kevv for 4th place as another VSC came out. All but the Boogster came into the pits meaning his undercut was supreme when they did eventually pit. That didn’t matter anymore for technothriller as he tried to stretch his tyres out for a soft run but found himself in the barrier. 

Jamie and Jonas both reaffirmed rivalries as they squabbled for 5th. Jonas got past but a mistake a few laps later let Jamie right back through. Jonas teammate Reyzart lurked behind after many stops under the VSC but couldn’t make any ground. Matt, Gazzaman and Spideraltis had a mini battle until Matt crashed in the same place as his teammate to end his race. Ollz, Emphaticz and Greenfin fought over the last point position which went to the Force India driver. The two Haas cars had no time for team orders as their battling let him pull away. 

Dweller’s 2 stop put him in the lead temporarily after he overtook Theboogster. He had to hunt Lamine down after his pitstop and a small mistake from the Mercedes driver helped his endeavor. Theboogster took his 2nd in a row with Dweller behind. Kian not racing today made Lamine’s 3rd place sweeter while Kevv scored the same amount of points today as he had the entire season with 4th ahead of Jamie and Jonas who ended nose to tail. Reyzart 3-stopped to 7th ahead of Gazzaman and Spideraltis with Emphtticz taking the last points position.

Beasthas extends lead with dominant drive after Rivals falter..

It was another small margin with Beasthas and Louis, this time in Quali as he pipped the Ferrari man for pole. Cliffy found himself starting in 15th after crashing out in Quali.  

Beasthas maintained the lead and gave Louis a nice shove for good measure. The seemingly vexed Ferrari man drifted wide on T3 and came back onto the grid sideways, hitting the sidepod of Odemz and he went spiraling down the order. Odemz jumped Sean for 3rd but the Mercedes man hunted him back down and made the move on lap 3, his overtake coinciding with Odemz’ first disconnection of the race. Cliffordsred retired on the 2nd lap of the race while Cliffy expertly fought his way back through the field. Mali found himself in the wall on lap 5 and out of the race as Odemz rejoined in 11th. 

Debutant Lawrence found himself in 4th but not for long as Cliffy made the move down the inside. It was jamesslater he had to fight next which he did so duly until the Renault made the move on lap 9. Samster lost the back end of his Force India and swiped his front wing off. Odemz made his way back up the field. Overtaking Ineknt, Dninety and eventually Lawrence who was overtaken by Cobblers. Meanwhile Louis chased down the field with breakneck pace. On lap 16, Jor crashed out of the race, highlighting a poor season for the constructors champions Red Bull. This brought out the VSC and with it, Cliffy picked up a drive through penalty. He found himself stuck behind Jameslater and try as he might, he couldn’t make the overtake. His hustling and harrying only netted him front wing damage and with Louis and Odemz chasing him down, he decided to pit. His crew didn’t change his front wing, however, and he decided to call it a day. 

It was even worse for the Haas drivers as Odemz disconnected again, leaving him stranded in 6th. Beasthas came across the line, almost lapping Odemz, to win the race. MLA finished a clear second ahead of Sean and Jamesslaters lack of penalties saw him pip Louis to 4th. Odemz took 6th ahead of debutant Lawrence. Ineknt took 9th ahead of DNinety and Cobblers.

Late Safety Car brings all the Drama as Beasthas steals win...

It was another pole position in the wet for Louis as Sean and Cliffy lined up behind. MLA started 5th but immediately managed to get his nose ahead of Beasthas for 4th but it was calamity for the Mercedes team as Sean suffered from Louis’ lag and found himself in the barriers, and out of the race. 

MLA pulled a great overtake on Cliffy round the last corner and Beasthas followed him through with a sublime move through copse. MLA pit on Lap 9 meaning Beasthas had to pull of a worldie of an inlap to snatch 2nd off of him, which he did. Jameslater made a smooth move down the inside of same on lap 14 to take 6th while Beasthas chased Louis down. 

As he caught up to the Ferrari man, the SC came out. Louis opted to sacrifice his lead to put on the SS and fortunately, most of the grid followed, samster being an exception. Samster was harder to overtake then expected and Beasthas was able to pull out a gap when the SC came in with a few laps to go. Louis eventually fought past and it all came down to the final lap. Louis managed to sling it down the inside of the final corner. Contact was made, but Beathas fended him off to win by 8 hundreds of a second. MLA finished a very close 3rd with Cliffy taking 4th ahead of Jamesslater and samster. RobotSophie took a credible 7th from Matt and Cobblers.

F1 Ts Hub Drivers given a history lesson as Theboogster conquers England...

Theboogster capped off his renewed pace by taking pole position in Silverstone ahead of Lamine and stifler. Kian started a poor 4th and it went worse for him as he dropped back to 12th. 

Dweller, last weeks race winner, suffered from a game glitch ending his weekends hopes. Theboogster maintained his lead while further down Greenfin’s half spin put him into the path of craig and with nowhere to go, the Mercedes driver hit the back of him, spun, and retired. 

Lamine stuck to the back of the boogster as much as he could and decided to pit before him. He’s pit crew made a mistake, slapping him onto the Supers instead of Mediums, and essentially putting him out of contention. Much like last week, Kian suffered from a disconnection and dropped back 20 seconds behind Jamie, in 9th as The McLarens of Reyzart and Jonas did battle which ended after Jonas ran wide and spun, dropping into the clutches of Greenfin. Lamine came out ahead of Theboogster, who wasn’t as comfortable on the medium tyres, had to fend off a new threat of Techno and Techno managed to take the lead on lap 12 and Theboogster tried to re take it, but they came together, the Force India coming off worse.

The boogster managed to get past Stifler to take 2nd place again and he chased down Techno who crossed the line to take the win. A trip to the stewards saw Techno handed a 5 second penalty and Theboogster was given his first ever F1 Ts Hub win. Stifler came home a strong 3rd with Lukey in 4th ahead of a disappointed Lamine. Jamie took 6th after Gazzaman’s penalty bumped him down to 7th ahead of Spideraltis and Kian. Ollz rounded out the top 10.

Sean dominates in the mountains of Austria as Rivals falter...

MLA took his 2nd Pole position of the season ahead of Sean and Beasthas. Cliffy had a poor session in 8th while danthebluebird had a great one to take 4th with his debutant teammate Mali in 6th. 

It went wrong for the new McLaren driver as a jumpstart forced him to take a penalty. Cliffy scythed his way through the pack to end up 5th behind his teammate as they both chased down the trio of MLA, Sean and Beasthas who maintained their positions. A small lag spike for MLA saw he and Sean slightly collide, giving Beasthas the lead. He unexpectedly threw it all away, spinning before the penultimate corner and gifting the Mercedes a 1-2. 

Cliffy was once again the first to pit, and he managed the undercut on Odemz and MLA. The aforementioned 2 both fed into heavy traffic meaning when Sean made his pitstop, he took the lead. After dispatching of the Traffic, MLA made a move on Cliffy at the Hairpin, knocking the Haas drivers front wing off. He tried it again a lap later and made it stick, now with the other Haas car of Odemz on his tail. A lag bubble ended that threat as Odemz spun off the back of him. It went from bad to worse for him as Danclat sent one down the inside of the last corner, spinning Odemz and making him lose some of his wing. 

Cliffy pitted for super softs and set about charging 4th place but it wasn’t to be, Sean won from his teammate with Beasthas stealing 3rd. Mali took a jubilant 4th ahead of Cliffy. Jameslater took a strong 6th from danthebluebird and Danclat. Odemz ended up a disappointing 9th while RobotSophie finished in 10th

Bothydweller masters the wet as DSC leaves Title fight wide open...

Kian took another pole position, his 4th of the season while Lamine opted to start on the slower tyre at the back of the grid. It was another crash in qualifying for Techno as he binned his car into the wall on a quick lap, leaving him in 5th. Stifler took second place ahead of dweller and Kevv. 

It was a clean start for Kian but his teammate wasn’t as fortunate as an opportunistic move didn’t work out. Craig and Emphaticz, both who started down the back of the grid fought with eachother as they both moved up the pack. Reyzart, Jamie, Lukey and Spider were all drivers in the wars as the midfield scraped hard for position. Techno-thriller spun twice and found himself at the back of the grid. Dweller looked strong as he dispatched of Stifler before ever so slightly reeling in Kian. A lag spike sent Stifler off the track and into the barrier and that’s when it all kicked off as the rain appeared. 

Techno’s drive came to an end as another spin, this time terminal damage, ended his race. Stifler and Greenfin were the first to blink, albeit way to early as Lukey made a good move down the inside of his former teammate Reyzart. Matt and Jonas both found themselves backwards. Matt decided to go onto the inters but Jonas opted to stay on the ultra’s, making an obvious gain. Lukey made a move on Spider, signifying his amazing race so far while 9th to 4th were separated by 2 seconds. That all came to an end when Reyzart missed his braking point and hit Spideraltis, sending them both down and bumping Craig and Emphaticz up, essentially rubbishing the whole of quali as a result.

Kevv’s run in 4th place was over as he spun the car, losing his front wing. Dweller and Kian were forced to pit meaning Craig and Emphaticz led! Lamine was still languishing outside the points places but came alive in the wet on his softs to overtake Kian, Gazza and Reyzart within 3 corners. Craig pit, bumping Emphaticz up to 1st ahead of Lamine and the Force India driver managed to overcut Craig and take him for 3rd. Dweller now had Kian in his sights and overtook him for the actual lead and he never looked back to take his 1st win of the season. Emphaticz and Craig battled it out for 3rd place but it was Lamine who came out of nowhere to take them both. This subsequently became second as Kian suffered the misfortune of a disconnection, and he couldn’t join back. 

Craig did eventually dispatch of Emphaticz for 3rd while Theboogster also got his teammate as he had less penalties, meaning he got 4th. Lukey took 6th from Jamie with Reyzart in 8th. Jonas finished a respectable 9th ahead of a distraught Kian.

The safety car makes its first appearance as Lamine returns to form...

Qualifying saw shock as techno-thriller and Kian came to blows as Techno crashed on his flying lap, taking the Williams man with him. This resulted in Techno starting 17th and Kian in 8th. This left the battle for pole wide open and Craig duly snatched it, to take his first pole of the season. Matt lined up a season best 2nd ahead of Lamine and debutant stifler, dropping down from the Pinnacle Tier. 

On the start, Matt tagged the back of Craig and sent him into a spin. Facing the wrong way into the oncoming hoard of angry drivers was never going to end well and it essentially ended the pole mans race. Kian found himself down in 15th as Lukey missed his braking completely and flew down the escape route. We essentially had a 4 way battle for the lead as Stifler and Bothydweller both chased down the front two Lamine. 

Stifler made his move on Lamine on lap 7 and Dweller followed suit a lap later. Jamie binned his car in the pitlane as stifler hunted down Matt. Kian battled his way back to 6th and theboogster spun and lost his front wing chasing Kevv. Dweller was the first of the front runners to pit while stifler made a move for the lead on Matt, taking it cleanly. Matt and Dweller both opted to fix their front wings meaning Lamine got the jump on both and those two were left to scrap it out with eachother. 

Lukey’s race ended as he put it in the wall heading into the 2nd sector as Jonas followed Jamies lead and crashed into the pits. The safety car decided enough was enough and made an appearance. Lamine and opted not to pit, Stifler and Dweller did along with Kian and Techno Thriller meaning we were going to have a showdown for the final few laps. Emphaticz hit the back of Kian’s Williams, meaning he was in need of another pitstop. Techno’s one big advantage of fresh tyres and no front wing damage evaporated immediately as he hit the back of stifler. Dweller overtook his teammate, as did Kian and boogster while Stifler drafted his way past Matt and set his sights on Lamine. Dwellers move on Matt after a mistake by the Ferrari was very swift and aggressive, leaving Matt behind Kian and eventually in the pits. Greenfin was the biggest gainer as he carefully navigated from outside the points position into 7th as Kian tried to overtake the speedy car of dweller. 

An expert bit of driving on Kian’s part gave him the podium place as Lamine crossed the line to win his 3rd race of the season with stifler in a wonderful 2nd. Kian clamied third but it wasn’t done their as theboogster drafted Dwellers Sauber and stole 4th place by 5 thousands of a second across the line. Reyzart and Greefin had great races to take 6th and 7th Kevv finished behind a very disappointed Techno with Matt rounding out the points places.

Beasthas fights off the Haas pressure to take Baku win...

Cliffy snatched his first pole position of the season from MLA and Beasthas while Cliffordsred did brilliantly to out qualify Sean and Odemz and line up 5th, behind Louis. 

At the start MLA tried a move down the inside of Cliffy and pushed him slightly wide, giving Beasthas the opportunity to snatch the lead with Louis taking second. Ineknt found himself pushed inot the wall and out of the race. It all went wrong for Sean as a lag spike sent him flipping his car, and sending his car down the order. Cliffordsred had some early pace and he sized up MLA. He was unable to make a move and only found himself with front wing damage and further down the grid as Odemz capitalized. 

It was Odemz turn to try a move on MLA which he duly did to take 4th place. Cliffy meanwhile overtook Louis and set about chasing Beasthas as Cobblers, debutant RobotSophie and Jor all made early pitstops. Cliffy was the first of the front runners to pit onto the mediums with Beasthas following suit. Louis and Odemz all opted to go onto the Softs meaning a 4 way scrap for 1st was in order. However it wasn’t to be as Odemz disconnected from the sessions and a lag spike sent Louis completely out of contention. 

It was all between Cliffy and Beasthas but the Haas driver couldn’t make it stick as he lost all his slipstream and DRS towards the end of the race. All he could do was hustle and harry the Williams Driver who kept his head to take his 5th win of the season. MLA took a very happy 3rd ahead of his recovering teammate. Jamesslater had a wonderful drive and easily kept Odemz at bay for 5th. On her debut, RobotSophie managed a stellar 7th ahead of Sam and Jor with Louis finishing a lowly 10th

Penalties, Lag and Front wings the name of the game as Cliffy takes his first win since S8...

Easily the weirdest qualifying session of the season, debutant Louisw03 took a commanding pole position with a stunning lap. The two Haas cars of Cliffy and Odemz lined up behind as Sean took 4th ahead of Beasthas and MLA found himself stuck in 8th! 

Louis managed to maintain his lead with Cliffy in second. Odemz was the first unfortunate victim of lag as Beasthas car apparently sent him into a half spin, dropping down to 9th. The resulting chaos saw MLA jump up four places. The first lap antics weren’t done there as Beasthas tried a move on Sean in the final chicane which saw him lose a part of him front win, and a position to his teammate. Cliffordsred did brilliantly to find himself in 4th but a mistake saw MLA, Sean, and Eventually Odemz overtake him.

Louis ended his remarkable start after losing it before the hairpin and needing to pit for repairs. Odemz was the first to pit for the one-stoppers on lap 11 and Sean’s need to change his front wing saw him get jumped. DNinety seemed to have the worse of the lag issues and ended samsters race prematurely after they came together at the hairpin. Beasthas decision to run the softer tyre compared to cliffy saw him make a very aggressive move into the hairpin, retrospectively giving him a 5 second penalty. 

Odemz chased down MLA into overtaking distance and pulled the move off into the chicane. However the lapped car of DNinety hit him. Not once, but twice. The second incident leaving him with no front wing. The luck for the Haas team deteriorated even further as the lapped cars of cobblers and Jor got involved in an incident, leaving Cliffy with nowhere to go, and damage on his front wing. Beasthas crossed the line but his penalties after the race relegated him to second behind Cliffy who managed to take his 3rd F1 Ts Hub win. His first since Brazil S8. MLA took third after a poor qualifying with Sean in 4th. Odemz and Louis recovered to 5th and 6th ahead of an inspired driver by Stifler to take 7th. Jor finished 8th, albeit a lap down, with Cobblers and Jamesslater rounding out the top 10.

Techno-Thriller storms to convincing win as Podium Drivers put on a show...

A wet qualifying saw one of the best sessions in F1 Ts Hub history as Kian, Jamie, Matt, Techno Thriller and eventually Lamine all inhabited pole position at one point. It was Lamine who delivered a stunning lap to snatch it at the death. Kian who spent most of the session in 1st saw himself in the wall, unable to complete a lap, and stranded in 5th. Bothydweller joined the F1 Ts Hub paddock and did well to start 4th behind Jamie and Technothriller. 

The start saw Technothriller leap ahead of Lamine and Kian lose 2 positions of the start. Dweller took 4th off of Jamie as techno went about establishing a lead. It was the ultras using dweller who was next to overtake Lamine and the Mercedes driver seemed to fall further and further down the grid. Craig had a spin early on moving him down to the back of the grid behind the struggling Greenfin.

As Josh tried to overtake Jamie he would pinched on the inside letting Kian breeze past. Kian soon overtook Lamine to inherit 3rd as Lukey fought his way through the pack. Jamie’s start was ground to a halt as he had to pit for a broken front wing. It was action throughout as the Force India’s of Emphatiks and Theboogster both did battle throughout the race. Team orders seemed to be completely nonexistent in that side of the garage as all their squabbling let a recovering Craig get them both. Spider and Gazzaman had a glorious battle of their own as spider’s lack of speed on the straights made it difficult to overtake. When the opportunity arised, both drivers tried to give as little space as possible which resulted in an almighty crash, leaving gazza out of the race.

Josh’s race ended early as he binned it in the first sector as the first set of pitstops came. As Spideraltis became embroiled in a battle with the Force India’s, Matt_ur Daddy who had pit from 4th navigated his way through them brilliantly to continue his impressive display. It went from bad to worse as Lamine decided to make an extra pitstop, but couldn’t find his way past the Ferrari of Lukey. Technothriller came across the line to win by 9 seconds in dominating fashion. Kian finished second ahead of deutant bothdweller. It was jubilation for Ferrari as both their drivers jumped Lamine with less penalties as Lukey too 4th ahead of Matt. Lamine crawled to a poor 6th place after his brilliant quali. Spider recovered from his earlier incident to take 7th ahead of theboogster. Craig and Jonas, after poor races, both rounded out the last two positions respectively.

Back to Basics for Beasthas as he dominates in Monaco...

Is was buiness as usual for he Williams driver as he snatched pole ahead of the returning Cliffy and his teammates Odemz in the Haas. 

Into T1 Odemz tried a move on his teammate but a lag bubble saw Cliffy lose his front wing almost immediately and MLA was able to get past them both. As Cliffy pitted, it was Odemz' turn to lose his front wing and go in for repairs giving Sean 3rd place. 

GoTony's driving in the first lap peturbed a few of the drivers, namely Stifler who ended up having to retire after contact with him. The front two never changed order as Beasthas managed to win by over a full minute ahead of MLA. 

Further down the field, Dan and Matt both had P5 and P4 nailed down as Odemz and Clifford tried to navigate their way through the damaged Red Bulls of Ineknt and Jor. Odemz while following Jor hit his car of the barrier on the last corner and Cliffordsred, with nowhere to go, followed suit. It was back to the pits again for those two but not for long as Odemz stuck it in the wall to end his race. 

Sean didn't seem able to find his rythm at Monaco and after multiple trip too the pits for a change if front wing, he lost a place to Cliffy for him to complete a wonderful come back on his come back. Dan and Matt, along with cobblers and DNinety we're further Drivers added to the list as Bluebird managed to keep his head down an nose clean to take a wonderful sixth on his debut behind an equally careful Jameslater. 

Cliffordsred, Jor, and Ineknt we're all the final finishers respectably. Beasthas then reclaims the lead of the Drivers Championship as we move on to another street circuit in Canada. Will we see another winner other than MLA and Beasthas? Giving the tracks history for the unpredictable, it's certainly likely.

Kian untouchable in Monaco...

It was another win for Kian in Monte Carlo with nobody being a match for him once again as he now injects himself into the title fight. Techno-thriller was the polesitter for the third time as he snatched it right from Kian's nose. He got away in the lead initially but lost it on lap two in Mirabeau and from then on, Kian never looked back. 

The two Ferraris of Matt and Lukey both found themselves in the wall on the opening laps, further highlighting their received struggle for form. The man to watch was Reyzart as he showed just how to overtake cleanly in Monaco, stealing positions from Greenfin, the Haas debutant, and Kevv. He hassled Jamie from then on but touched the walk into the nouvelle chicane and had to do it all again. 

Techno-thriller was the first to pit and a front wing change further compounded his race. As Reyzart overtook Greenfin again, he got past Jamie too and found himself in an impressive 4th, with camera's all on him. Kevv, bot wanting to be out down made anmends for an earlier mistake and slung one down the inside of Jonas. 

Sadly for Reyzart, another mistake cost him his front wing and the Boogster manages to sneak his way into 5th, ahead of Kevv after Greenfin also had a spin. Craig, who had a quite race in 2nd managed to hold Techno-thriller off but it was Kian's day as he took a commanding win.

The Boogster finished an unlikely and excellent fourth after Jamie's penalties knocked him down. Reyzart recovered to 6th ahead of Kevv & Greenfin finished 7th ahead of an off the pace Gazzaman, and it was a day to forget for Ollz as despite points, he finished the race with the most pitstops and toiled to 10th. 

So with Lamine back next week, the Championship is truly hotting up. Can Kian continue his fine form? Will Lamine continue to stake his claim? Or will Techno-thriller recover from what has been a sloppy few races to return to the top step? All this and more, on Friday.

MLA absolutely crushes the competition as connection issues leave many stranded...

The huge buzz at the time was the fact that Beasthas was not racing today giving MLA the chance to take the lead of the Championship. He started the day off well taking pole ahead of an inspired Jameslater and Chris. It was a poor qualifying for Sean as he lined up 5th behind the force India of Sam. 

Odemz, who had a quali ban was kicked from the session and unable to join back. This was the first of DSC's and Sean and Jameslater both DSC'd from podium positions. Cobblers and Dogonanas we're both also kicked from the race leaving Cliffordsred, Dan, and Chris to battle for the Podium. 

The one stopping Chris was able to hold Cliffordsred off after Dan got past. Lap after lap the Torro Rosso Driver tried to make the move but couldn't until lap 22 as he squeezed his way past. Samster Challenged DNinety for 6th and found his way past the Ferrari Driver to take the position. It was celebration for GoTony as he crossed the line to take 9th and his first points of the season. It was Jubilation for Jor and DNinety as they also got their highest points tally but no one was as happy as MLA as he won by a commanding 43 seconds from Dan and Chris. 

Cliffordsred had to 2 stop, meaning he missed out on the podium while Samster ran out of time to catch the red bull of Jor to take 6th. It's all heating up as MLA steaks the lead if the Driver Championship from Beathas. With so many more races to play for, consistency is key, something the Merc driver has in spades. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, as we head onto Monaco.

Nobody a match for Kian as he lays down a marker in Spain...

Keen to rectify his huge mistake in Russia, Kian stormed to his second pole of the season by half a tenth in Spain. Debutant Craig, dropping from the Pinnacle tier lining up behind Lamine in the second row as Kevv made it a Williams 1-2. 

The start saw Kevv take the lead from Kian. He was happy to relinquish it back to Kian but he sadly relinquished his place on the track as he lost the back end and spun to the back of the grid. The boogster didn't even make it to the end of he first sector as contact with Techno-thriller sent him out of the race. Matt skilfully battled his way to 4th behind Craig as his teammate spun out of the race and he managed to undercut the Merc driver to take 3rd. Craig shadowed him for many a lap, unable to make the overtake before he eventually got close enough on lap 15 to send one down T1. Matt wasn't keen on giving up the position and kept his nose in, spinning Craig off into the gravel and out of the race. 

Techno-thriller was stuck behind the McLarens after the final bout of stops but not for long as Reyzart lost his front wing, knocking him down the order. Jamie, Jonas and Techno-thriller all tangoed for 4th place leaving Gazzaman to sneak into 3rd with a clever 1 stop strategy. Techno crossed ahead of the pair but a penalty knocked him down to 5th behind Jamie but ahead of the McLaren driver. 

It was Kian's day however, as he strolled across the line to win the race comfortably from Lamine and Gazza. Spideraltis had a quite race to finish 7th ahead of Reyzart and Tejuarr. Lamine retains his lead in the drivers, ahead of Techno by 8 points with Kian, the form man, charging them both down.

Penalties decide the outcome as MLA breaks Beasthas' streak...

With one second left of qualifying, Beasthas can crossed the line just in time to start his lap, much to the dismay of then Polesitter Ts_Odemz, he managed to smash it under pressure to talk pole position ahead if the Hass driver and the two Mercs of MLA and Sean. 

Odemz challenged Beasthas heavily for the lead but couldn't pull it off. His attention was turned to Sean and MLA as the two quicker drivers battled to get past. Lap 4, Sean managed to pull it off with MLA following behind. 

Meanwhile, jameslayer spun down the order as hammetime spun out of the race, bringing out the VSC. It was GoTony's turn to end his race as Chris, Samster and Odemz did battle. Another terrible run from Odemz out of T7 saw Chris sling it down the inside of Odemz to take 4th but a divebomb the next lap from the Haas driver saw Chris lose his front wing, and Odemz hit with a qualifying ban. 

The other Sauber of Danclat found himself out of the race too as the 1st pitstop phase loomed. Samster and Chris all got the undercut on Odemz but as Odenz tried to reovertake the Ferrari Driver, they came together again, seeing Chris out of the race and Odemz with a post race disqualification. This brought the Safety Car out and the 2 Mercs back into play. 

When the field restarted, Beasthas' pulled away but had to contend with 2 penalties. He couldn't pull away from MLA however, as the Merc driver came across the line to steal the lead. Sean came in 3rd to continue the Merc domination. Jameslater pulled off a wonderful drive with no penalties to take 4th ahead of Sam and Cobblers. Craig survived a late scurmish with Odemz and Ineknt to take 7th. The red bull driver finished behind him in 8th with Mat and Jor rounding out the top 10.

Lamine capitalizes on Williams capitulation to win his 2nd race of the season...

Qualifying was a breeze for KianF8 taking pole by over 1.3 seconds from Kingchriss and his teammate Kev. 

Kev got a brilliant start to take the lead heading down to turn to but he decided to slot behind Kian. This gave Kingchris the invite he needed to sneak it up Kevs inside. In doing so he lost the back end of his Mercedes on the exit and spun, taking Kev with him. Gazzaman could do nothing to avoid the carnage himself. Kingchris continued on, as did Gazza but it was curtains for Kev. 

Kian built up a healthy lead from Ollz and Emphatikz with Lamine, starting on the harder compound, followed behind. Matt and Kingchris were some of the few to pit for front wings as Kian continued to pull away. Techno-thriller made a move on Lamine which saw the Ferrari if Lukey sneak past him as well as Emphaticz took second from Ollz. 

Tejuarr, who was doing a great job in 4th unfortunately saw himself in the wall on the exit of T7 as Lamine went past Lukey. The action was never ending as Techno-thriller took 3rd from Ollz. As Jonas desperately tried to find a way past Jamie for 4th, Kian pit early onto the soft tyre giving Techno-thriller the lead while Lamine inherited second from Ollz. Kian's smooth sailing came to an end as a mistake gifted Emphaticz the lead, and another one forced him into the pits. Techno-thriller got caught up in a battle with Gazzaman after his pitstop. That, coupled with his decision to run the soft tyre saw Lamine overcut him. 

It was then up to Lamine to chase Emphatikz down for the less which he duly did to take the win. Techno-thriller came in third ahead of a chasing Kian. Matt are Daddy did well with his recovery drive to cross the line in 5th but penalties knocked him down to 7th behind Ollz and Jamie. Gazzaman jumped Lukey and Kingchris to take 8th ahead if the Merc and Ferrari.

Techno Thriller thrills the competition once again to take another win...

It was delight for Techno Thriller as he once again stood tall in the dark in Bahrain, albeit under a little more pressure. Just like China, he plowed through the opposition to take pole position ahead of KianF8. 

At the start it was those two who peeled off from the rest of the field. Kian keeping within a second for the majority of the stint. Techno Thriller's early undercut put pay to Kian's chances as he win by a comfortable 10 seconds in the end. The real battle was in the midfield as Jamie, Tejjuar, theboogster, Lamine, Lukey, Matt and Kev all embroidered themselves in a chaotic battle. Theboogster initially held 3rd but an incident between him and Tejuarr left the Torro Rosso Driver lacking an endplate. 

Lamine, who did splendidly to find himself in this battle after starting last, took 3rd off the Force India driver and never looked back. It all got a bit too much for Kev as as a lack of patience saw him make a rash move in Lukey and drop down. Matt spun in the opening lap and went to last where he surprisingly finished after a miserable race for him. Jonas was the only driver to 1 stop and he briefly inherited the lead. But he wasn't to stay there for long as his medium tyre stint saw Jamie, Lukey, theboogster and Gazzaman all picked him off. Tejuarr, battling Gazzaman touched the back of him ever so slightly, but that was enough to spin him out and end his race. Jamie on his Podium debut finished 4th ahead of Lukey. The boogster ended up 6th ahead of Gazzaman and Jonas. Kevv and Spideraltis rounded up the top 10.

An Early Scrap doesn't stop Beasthas' as he takes the win in the Desert...

A loss of the lead on lap 1 couldn't peturb Beasthas' as he walzed across the line ahead of the Mercedes duo of Sean and MLA. Beasthas' managed to take pole ahead of MLA and Sean in quali as well. Odemz lined up a familiar 4th ahead of Samster and Cliffordred. Chris found himself unable to set a lap in quali and thus started from the back. 

At the start Odemz overzealous braking saw him almost wipe the leader out. He dropped down to 7th as MLA inherited the lead from Beasthas'. The ensuing battle from those two, including a side by side affair through T5 and 6 saw a huge train form from the lead to 9th. A one stopping Hammertime carefully bided his time in the train as Odemz picked his way back up to 4th. 

At the back GoTony's late braking saw him smash into Chris who inturn hit DNinety, compromising his race. Those two laster had another scrap for the same piece of Tarmac which saw DNinety end his race in the barriers. Back at the front, Beasthas' managed to take the lead from MLA and he set off. Sean also found a way past his teammate as we headed into the first round of pitstops. Odemz fitted the wrong tyre in the pits and came out on Softs. He went past MLA and threatened Sean but the extra pitstop saw him fall back to 4th. 

Chris meanwhile inherited the lead briefly until a spin on the curb of T11 put pay to that. While rejoining the track he went into the path of Sean's rear wheel which ripped his front wheel off, and took him out of the race. Danclat struggled to find any real consistency as the curbs in Bahrain proved deadly. It was jameslater who charged instead, taking Matt and Hammertime on the final corner to sneak 5th ahead of the two. Danclat finished 7th ahead of a very impressive Craig on his debut. Samster rounded out the points.

The Clouds of Shanghai fail to Rain on Beasthas' parade as an intense race leads to 2nd win...

Beasthas managed to overcome the challenge of an early change to Inters to take his second consecutive win ahead of a charging MLA and the Haas of Ts_Odemz. The Williams man was able to take pole position ahead of MLA and his teammate Sean. The lead stayed the same but Sean lost a position to Ts_Odemz but took it back on lap 2. Odemz then dropped further back to P7 after a lag incident coupled with a mistake let Danclat, Chris and samster past. 

Further down, Cobblers had a magnificent opening lap to take 8th but lost it all in T10 and found himself embroidered in a battle with jameslater, compaq, and dogonanas. Behind that, Hammertime and Jor went at it as the top 3 continued too eek out a gap. 

The drivers were about to have their wits tested as rain entered the fray around the pitstop window. Divers like Odemz and Cobblers pit early, but remained on the slicks. Others like DNinety and Jamie stayed out. Most others couldn't make it to the optimal wet period so they pit early for Inters. Sean had to stack up behind his teammate MLA, sending him down the order. Odemz meanwhile couldn't find a way past DNinety until the two cars caught up to the leading pack, struggling on Inters. Odemz dispatched of MLA and DNinety and Chris followed culminating in Odemz, Chris and Beasthas having a 3 -wide moment - the Haas driver coming out on top. 

His lead only lasted a lap, however, as the weather came back towards the inter runners and his mistake let Beasthas and Chris through. Chris and Odemz both eventually pit. Jamie followed suit but was rather overzealous as he sent it into the barrier. The Ferrari driver of DNinenty spared Jamie's blushes as he also retired entering the pits. Ineknt and Dogonanas were the final drivers to pit as the race officially became a wet one. As the field stagnated, Odemz and Chris did battle for the final podium place as MLA pit, only just emerging ahead of them as he continued his charge towards Beasthas. 

Odemz and Chris' aggresive battle had to take a break as Sean caught up and set his sights' on Odemz. The aggression was turned up tenfold as they both vied for position. Sean's slight mistake gave Odemz some respite as Chris' fortune took a nosedive, giving him a puncture. Jamesslater pulled a worldie on Dogonanas to take 9th off of him. That was it for the action as Beasthas came across the line to take the win ahead of MLA. Odemz finished on the podium, quite a ways off. Sean finished a very close 4th ahead of a jubilant Cobblers in 5th. Ineknt took 6th ahead of a miserable danclat who was left ruling his tyre choice. Chris took 8th, an awful result for him after doing brilliantly in battling for the podium. dogonanas took 9th ahead of hammertime who rounded of the points positions. 

Techno Thriller provides a masterclass as Ferrari's squabble for second...

Technothriller stole pole position in Shanghai and never looked back as he took the win. The start was absolutely appaling for the Mercedes duo as Kingchris stalled on the line and there was absolutely no where for his teammate Lamine to go and it was curtains for the championship leader. Matt, who bottled quali made his way back up the field experctly as Kian unfortunately lost connection, effectively ended his race. 

Techno-thriller extended his gap as Jonas and Kevv battled fiercly for 8th. Ollz and Spideraltis squabbled with Reyzart over 4th, sadly for Ollz, he suffered the same fate as Kian, and DSC'ed. Lukey was the first to pit as he teammate followed suit the lap after. 

Kingchriss managed to charge his way back through the field as he overtook both of the McLarens. Sadly for Jonas, he became the third driver to disconnect. Matt_ur_Daddy turned his challenge for 2nd place into a strategical one as he undercut Lukey. Towards the dieing embers of the race, the two teammates squabbled and Lukey stole 2nd place. 

Miles of a dominant techno-thriller. Kingchriss eventually retired with Gazza taking another 4th position ahead of Reyzart. Spideraltis finished 6th while Tejuarr slumped to 7th after a good recovery drive. Jonas finished 8th ahead of an estatic Mosh, while Kian, try as he might, couldn't turn the deficit his being in ghost put him in, and finished 10th.

Tempers FFlair as Beasthas takes maiden F1 Ts Hub win on his debut...

The top tier of F1 Ts Hub was underway at Australia and just like the Podium race, a few of the pinnacle boys struggled to keep the car out of the barriers. Cobblers, Hammertime and Compaq all found themselves in the wall as drivers like Jamie and Odemz were able to sneak up into Q3. It was FFlair who took pole position ahead of his teammate Beasthas. MLA lines up thierd ahead of Danclat. Unfortunately for most of the people who were knocked out of Q1 and Q2, they were kicked from the session, much like the Podium race, and were unable to rejoin leaving only 12 drivers to battle it out. 

FFlair kept his lead but lost it to Beathas on lap 3. Cliffordsred left himself with a lot of work to do as he spun out of the first corner during the start. Odemz compromised his race after getting wing damage off of Samster while Jor and Chris, 2 of the only non Q3 drivers to be able to race, made their way up the field. Odemz fought of the forming train behind him of Chris, Jamie and Jor while FFlair, MLA and Dan all kept the gap constant to eachother - leaving Beasthas to run away with it. 

Chris, eager to make his way up the field made a bold move on Jami which knocked him further down the order. Jamie, thinking he was at fault for the incident slow don to let Chris pass, only for the Ferrari driver to pit, rendering it useless. MLA closed the gap up to FFlair and the Williams driver made a slight mistake under pressure, giving MLA his opening. FFlair tried to hang it around the outside but as both Drivers were unwilling to yield, someone was going to come of worse and unfortunately for FFlair, it was him, putting him out of the race. 

Soon after Odemz retired after crashing on the pit wall, freeing up Jor to make his way up the pack. Beathas' dominaion was evident as he lapped all the way up to 8th place, taking his first ever TsHUB win. MLA finished second ahead of a chasing Danclat. Cliffordsred did magnificently to make his way up the field to 4th, albeit 55 seconds off the lead. Samster finished 5th ahead of a onestopping Jor. jamesslater took 7th with Jamie in 8th, Ineknt in 9th and Chris in 10th.

F1 Ts Hub's First race of the season proves to be a cracker as Lamine takes outstanding win...

It was All action in the F1 Ts Hub opener at Australia. From the getgo, drivers were crashing left and right from the infamous T11 and 12. Even potential championship fighters such as Kian and Elkku found themselves in the wall. Come Q3 and it was debutant Tejuarr who took pole position after a tense shootout with theboogster. Unfortunately, some of those knocked out of the quali session were kicked from the whole race and were unable to rejoin. 

So with names like Elkku, emphaticz and Mosh unable to race, the lights went out. Lamine and Lukey, both who missed qualifying, carved their way through the field early on while Tejuarr retained his lead. Unfortunately for Lukey his endeavours ended as he tried a move on Techno-thriller and found himself in the barriers, bringging the SC out. Tejuarr, heavily compromised by the SC pit, giving theboogster the lead of the race. 

As the SC came in, Kevv compounded the miserbale race he was having a pit from front wing damage. As the boogster pulled away, Lamine and techo-thriller did battle with the Sauber holding off Lamine expertly. Lamine, however, eventually found his way through and set about chasing theboogster. He didn't have to try for long as theboogster put his car into the wall, giving Lamine the lead. 

Down the order, Matt, who was showing complete disregard for Williams and their front wings, saw himself behind Tejuarr. After a spin by tej, he had to take avoiding action which left him with even more damage to his car. Wikliam retired after a drive through pnealty and numerous crashes, Kian, starting from the back found himself in the thick of it, also requiring a front wing change. A one-stopping gazzaman found himself in 3rd as Matt and Kian chased him down. Lamine crossd the line to take his second F1 Ts Hub win, Tejuarr followed in second and a very aggressive Kingchris. 

Gazzaman, after being overtaken by Matt and Kian, jumped them both due to no penalties. Kian took 5th ahead of Matt. Reyzart after a drivethrough penalty finished a solid 7th ahead of spideraltis. Ollz slumped to 9th while theboogster finished a disappointing 10th after being in contention for the win

Qualifying Night Results show no real surprises...

The first bit of on-track action got underway as Qualifying Night - a new feature to F1 Ts Hub designed to seperate drivers from Podium and Pinaccle, set off. Beasthas gave us a chance to practice admiring his ridiculously quick laptimes, something we will be doing a lot through out the season, as he set the two quickest laps throughout the evening. 

Familiar faces like, MLA, Chris, Dan and Samster all filtered into the top group while new faces like FFlair, Jamieslater and Vanoss impressed. Hammertime and Tuszmusz made their F1 Ts Hub comebacks into Pinnacle while Jamiemet snuck in by the skin of his teeth over Jor. That decision was eventually ruled out as Jor was deemed quick enough for Pinnacle, allowing Elku to drop down due to time constraints. 

A few famaliar faces appeared in Podium Tier as new boy KianF8 topped the timesheets. Gazzaman, Moshninja, and stevieharte all appearing in Podium Tier alongside new boys like the very reputable Tejuarr, Matt_Ur_Daddy who's name might give the commentators something to think about, and Ollz56, who show some promise.  

Drivers to look out for: With a lot of old faces leaving. Cliffy, Lioblade, Nick, Jonno and Odemz being a few, MLA is now the cream of the crop in terms of last seasons top drivers. His job will be made a lot harder with additions such as Beathas and FFlair. Vanoss and Jamieslater show a lot of promise. Tuszmusz and Parkway are the most exciting prospects for me. Most notably Tuszmusz on his return. 

Meanwhile in G2, the most obvious go to drivers are Kian and Elku. The latter mainly cause they were supposed to be in Pinnacle. However Gazza is known to be a dark horse in these situations and Lukey is a lower tier champion form S9. Of course Lamine can't be counted out and he has showed a lot of promise in his time in F1 Ts Hub. The drivers have been filtered out and the anticipation grows. Teammate Selection is up next on F1 Ts Hub's immersive and authentic offering as the Season 10 Anniversary, promises to be one of the best seasons yet.

F1 Ts Hub welcomes Alancavy to the commentary box...

When codemasters announced that they would be adding two extra positions into online lobbies specifically for commentary, it was a no brainer for F1 Ts Hub to begin using commentators for the first time in it's history. Even more of a no brainer was the decision to hire alancavy into said position. Alan, a very experienced commentator and league coordinator is a wonderful addition to the F1 Ts Hub team and we are overjoyed to have him. I sat down with alan to ask a few questions on his thought's on the job and the season ahead, which promises to be an exciting one.

Q: What Factor lured you into taking the post? 

A:When I saw the commentators needed for the league on codies forums I was excited. I met a lot of F1 Ts Hub guys in March in the invitational which was amazing. So to be back with a few faces I know, with a very prestigious league is fantastic, especially in their S10 anniversary. 

Q:What initially made you want to be a commentator? 

A: When I was a kid, like 4yrs, I had a lot of trouble talking, so much I had to go to a special school for a little boost, but after that, I was playing Wii baseball, and I just started talking over every pitch I did, I watched a lot of racing when I was 7, and started talking over that, I became an F1 fan in 2015, and started commentary over that, I have not looked back since, because the way to get someone to talk is to let them do what they love.

Q:Do you know, or get along with any of the drivers in the grid? If so, who you have high hopes for this season? 

A: Out of everyone there,are 3 people I am friends with, TUSZMUSZ, FFlair, and Beasthas. TUSZ was in my first league race I ever competed in and raced in a few HRL races, FFlair was "The King" of HRL, most wins and S2 Champion. And Beasthas also raced in HRL for like 3 races, and won 2/3 of them. And I have really high hopes for Beasthas knowing he's racing in AOR F1 this year and where he stands on TT.

F1 Ts Hub embarks on 10th Anniversary Season...

F1 Ts Hub Embark into its 10th season anniversary and a new Era. Friday's stream lived up to the buzz and all speculation was put to rest. There were many takeaways from the stream but the main being that F1 Ts Hub will now move onto a multi tiered system 'With 130 members on the website and over 30 drivers sighning up for season 9, we felt the demand was high enough to move to a multi tiered platform.' 

Drivers will be split randomly into 2 lobbies. From there they will have a qualifying session on two tracks. Both their times will be combined and the quickest 20 will be put into the 'Pinnacle Tier' while the lower 20 will go into the 'Podium Tier'. This 'Qualifying Night' is new to F1 Ts Hub and will test drivers ability under pressure, and overall pace. 

A new addition to F1 Ts Hub will also be 'Driver Press Conferences' where two drivers from each group are grilled with questions relating to hot topics and controversies within the league. These interviews will reveal if drivers are on the top of their game off the track, as well as on it. All in all. 

The 10th season of F1 Ts Hub promises to be one of the best yet. The interactivity of the league combined with the quality of the racing is a formula all leagues strive for and one F1 Ts Hub has in abundance. Sign up for Season 10 of F1 Ts Hub begins on the 15th of September. While 40 seats may seem like long time to get registered, the excitement this season offers guarentees they'll be gone fast. Sign up for a premium membership to guarentee yourself a place!

Lukey & Lio claim maiden Driver's Championships in Canada...

Date: 03.08.17

Written by: Nick

Another rain hit race saw the 7 drivers from the top group finish first to seventh. It was MLA who took the win ahead of a closely fought battle with Lio. Chris held off another classic fightback from Cliffy as they finished 3rd and 4th respectively. The two McLaren Honda's were line astern ahead of Nick.

Lukey took the win in his group finishing off an incredible season which saw him claim the Driver's Championship in emotional scenes. KingChris was given a slap and a 10 second penalty to finish his season off. Igbo earned himself another podium with Reyzart and Charlie close behind. Gazza, Steve and spider all crashed out of the race.

With Season 9 over, we have a new Constructor's Champion; Red Bull. We have two new Driver's Champions in Lukey and Lio. Congratulations to them on their first Championship.

Thank you to everyone who took part in Season 9! Enjoy your summer break and we'll be back before you know it.

For full results and reaction please visit the forum.

Lio's dominant win overshadowed by late SC drama...

Date: 27.07.17

Written by: Nick

Singapore provided another classic race on F1 2016. There are numerous headlines that we could write about in what could prove to be a crucial race for many driver's championship hopes.

Before the lights when out Mosh disconnected, Jamie then met the wall after turn 4 in a huge collision. Charlie and KingChris both had their race ended in dramatic fashion with Jor being handed a huge 30 second penalty by the Stewards for his part in KingChris' championship heartbreak.

Lio led from start to finish with MLA and Cliffy swapping behind him. The rain was coming down heavy but eventually lightened up for inters. Sam stormed onto the podium after the late SC proved costly for the Merc's who both gambled on dry tires on a wet track. Gazza marched to victory in the bottom group and seems almost the only challenger to Lukey who again finished on the podium with Igbo seemingly putting in a late charge.

KingChris & Lio take the wins in Malaysia...

Date: 19.07.17

Written by: Nick

Malaysia qualifying provided another mixed up grid after the same weather was forecast as China. The front runners had learned their lessons though and went out as soon as it came apparent the rain would come.

Lio lost the lead at the start but soon enough took it back and brought the car home to take the lead at the top of the standings. There was late drama between Cliffy and MLA which saw the latter handed a 10 second time penalty from the stewards; but still held onto 2nd ahead of Cliffy in 3rd. Nick hit a still Cliffy off the start but came home in 4th. Jamie took another solid top 5 ahead of Jor and Dan who failed to finish.

KingChris can celebrate his first win of the season after mixing it up with the top group drivers for most of the race. Lukey scored his third podium in a row and how holds a 5 point lead in his group. Igbo made it onto the podium and was rewarded with Driver of the Day. Lamine took 4th but confirmed his season is over after a pre booked holiday will end his championship hopes. Debut spideraltis finished 5th ahead of Stevie, Ronald, Gazza, Charlie, Reyzart & Mosh.

For full results and reaction, visit the forum.

Nick & Lamine win in crazy China as KingChris takes pole with Stevie alongside...

Date: 13.07.17

Written by: Nick

China played host to one of the craziest grids in F1 Ts Hub history. With rain forecast for 10 minutes into qualy, Lio decided to go for a #RiskyPee whilst his rivals waited around in the garage. The driver's who went first out ended up setting the quickest times which could not be beaten for the rest of the intermediate weather hit session.

Chaos was expected at the start and we weren't disappointed at T2. It was a tail of two stories as driver's out of their expected positioned clawed to stay ahead of the top group Championship contenders. After more rain and more drama, Nick eventually took a well deserved victory in an almost faultless driver from 12th on the grid.

Cliffy recovered from an incident with Jamie that put him last, and for the 2nd week in a row fought back from last. Lio didn't have an easy time fighting through the traffic and eventually finished on the final podium position. Sam took his best every result after leading for the first few laps, he battled home in a solid 4th position ahead of MLA who's struggles seem to have caught up with him.

Jor took 6th ahead of Jamie and although Dan was fighting for the podium during the race, he DNF'd late on.

In the lower group the action was more of the same. Lamine took his first ever win ahead of KingChris taking his first ever pole and podium. It was a Friday of surprise that delighted many of the paddock. Lukey not leads his group after finishing on the podium again. Charlie finished in a solid 4th position ahead of Ronald who again finished in the top 5. Steve, Igbo, Reyzart and Mosh followed scoring important points in their Championship battles.

For full reaction and results, visit the forum.

Odemz & Gazza take honours as both Driver's Championship battles heat up in Abu Dhabi...

Date: 06.07.17

Written by: Nick

With the Constructor's battle out the way, the main prize that every driver wants began in Round 6 Abu Dhabi.

Odemz was back, and oh boy did he not only dominate qualifying, but he also recovered from a SC early on to take a dominant win. Gazza in the lower group also took a surprise win after KingChris DNF'd whilst leading his group.

Cliffy, after bottling qualifying; recovered from last place all the way to 2nd. His teammate took 3rd in the top group holding off Nick who ruined his late charge by damaging his wing on Lio's car. MLA took 5th ahead of Jor and Dan who battled it out throughout the race.

Back to the lower group Reyzart was back on the podium with his teammate Lukey taking 2nd and 3rd. Igbo took 4th ahead of Ronald and Stevie. In the top group Jamie rounded out the runners as Chris was disqualified by the stewards after swiping Stevie following their collision on track.

For full reaction and results visit the forum.

Nick takes Pole twice as MLA's continues to make his mark...

Date: 29.06.17

Written by: Odemz

Nicknockegan managed to take pole position before a lobby malfunction meant quali would have to be run again. Under even more pressure he stilled pulled it off as MLA took second ahead of Cliffy and Jor in 4th ahead of Chris in 5th. Cliffy, MLA and Nick engaged in a heavy 3 way scrap until Nick pitted from his options. MLA managed to make a gap to Cliffy as Lio charged through the field after opting out of quali. Jamie followed him in 6th.


As the medium runners had their pitstops Lioblade inherited the lead and Nick, with Jor for company, got infront of MLA and Cliffy. MLa resumed rivalries with the S1 champ once again and managed to overtake before Nick pitted. It was smooth sailing from then on in for him as Cliffy's dcision to pit again all but gave MLA the win. Lioblade drove a steady race to jump his teammate for second. Nick attempted the undercut on Jor but a mistake on the first corner sent him onto the grass and gave Jor 4th position ahead of him. Jamie jubilantly crossed the line to take 6th and bag himself a spot in group 1 and Danclat just as jubilantly came home in 7th on his first race using the wheel. 

Reyzart finished 8th ahead of the 2 Force Indias who put on a terrific showing to nab the final points positions.

For full results & reaction please visit the forum.

MLA takes maiden win as Red Bull slip up...

Date: 22.06.17

Written by: Nick

Germany played host to round 4 of Season 9 with MLA looking to upset the Red Bull's in Nick's holiday absence.

He did exactly that by taking his first win after Cliffy lost the rear of his car and DNF'd. Lio was caught up in a rather bazar incident whilst lapping Mosh. Some of the midfield runners took advantage of this with Sal taking his first podium of the season behind a recovering Lio.

For full results and reaction visit the forum.

Lio makes it three in a row as Mercedes throw away a front row lockout...

Date: 15.06.17

Written by: Odemz

Nicknockegan gave the whole field a history lesson as he bagged his first pole position in over 5 seasons. Chris made it a Merc 1-2, their first since S7 R5, as MLA and Lioblade set good laps to become the highest placed soft runners. The front 4 retained position by the end of the first lap before Cliffy and Chris kept swapping positions in second. MLA's early place was left wanting as cliffordsred picked him off for 6th. Jor lost his front wing, tapping clifford and his place in the race went to ruin when an optimistic ronald took him out. 

As the race wore on, it became apparent who was doing what. Nick and Chris both pitted, giving the lead to Cliffy before his subsequent tyre change on lap 10. Lio made it to lap 11 while MLA boxed on lap 16. This bore the end for the mercs as they began dropping positions to those running longer. Chris took his second pitstop right infront of Cliffy who was going to the end, leaving him completely out of contention. A charging Lioblade overtook his teammate and set about unchallenged towards the chequered flag. MLA, after further scuffles with Samster and Cliffordsred stunned the whole paddck by nicking second off an unsuspecting Cliffy by a tenth via corner cutting penalties. Nick followed home in 4th, a disappointing race considering the circumstances, with his teammate Chris in toe. Cliffordsred actually crossed the line ahead of the S7 champion only to be demoted by penalties. Jamie and Gazzaman both had quiet races to come home 8th and 9th while Igbo took advantage of the early race mishaps to finish 8th.

Red Bull lead home 1-2 after first corner carnage...

Date: 08.06.17

Written by: Nick

Lioblade is definitely being made to work hard for these wins after two SC after he pitted made him have to overtake his teammate late on to keep up his 100% record.

The talking point after the race was all about the first lap where the long slipstreamed down to the first corner proved to tempting for some.

Salvatore was handed a race ban after being deemed at fault for driving down the inside of turn 1 and creating a knock on affect that ended Mercedes driver Chris' race and ruined many others.

His teammate Nick was also caught up in the incident but managed to recover to take a well deserved 3rd behind Lio and Cliffy. Jor continued to impressed as he went on to take 4th but now sits as Lio's closest challenger in the standings.

Dan recovered from his disappointing opening round to round out the top 5 but his teammate retired by crashing into the wall in the opening stint. The McLaren's were line-a-stern in 6th and 7th ahead of an impressive point scoring position from Stevie. Igbo and Clifford rounded out the top 10.

For full results and reaction please visit the forum.

Lio takes not-so-straightforward win in Season 9 opener... 

Date: 01.06.17

Written by: Nick

When the lights went out in Spa the race stormed into chaos as we had early retirements of Stevie & race winner hopeful Dan.

A Safety Car made two appearances after several incidents throughout the field. One of the key moments came under the second safety car when it started to rain and the top 5 didn't pit until it was time for the Safety Car period to end. That allowed almost a complete reserve order after the lower end of the points drivers already had pitted for inters and were leading the top 5.

Lio and Chris carefully delegated their way through the pack to finish 1-2; as they started on the grid. Jor in his debut race made a storming start to his F1 Ts Hub Career and finished on the final podium position. Lamine, Clifford, Lukey & Nick were next after the latter three had troubled races.

Reyzart, Gazza and KingChris rounded out the point scoring positions whilst Cliffy was left fuming from a DNF through no fault of his own.

For full reaction and results visit the forum.

Will it rain at the first race of Season 9 in the famous Spa?

Date: 25.04.17

Written by: Nick

F1 Ts Hub and it's Season 9 drivers take to the track for the first time on Friday. With a full 22 player grid expected the league could be looking to beat it's previous highest attended race of 20 drivers.

One of the biggest question marks ahead of the race isn't who will win, but will it stay dry. In over half of the unofficial practice sessions at some point the rain has appeared which begs the question of who's been setting their car up for the wet weather?

Whatever the weather or however many drivers attend, one thing is for sure; Season 9: Race Closer is about to kick off with some fireworks.

Defending Constructors Champ make switch to Red Bull...

Date: 21.05.17

Written by: Nick

Another huge night for F1 Ts Hub as the Season 9 Team & Teammate Selection order took place in style. 

As expected Nick straight off the bat continued his love affair with Mercedes but to the surprise of all the drivers brought long time friend and S7 Champ Chris with him.

Igbo produced one of the shock surprise of the night as he ditched all predictions to sign up with Williams for the new season.

As expected, the defending Constructor's Champions stayed together but made a massive move to Red Bull who have been pegged as eventual Constructors Champions.

As the night when on we saw lots of competitive teams including Charlie and Gazza who teamed up at Ferrari after Charlie turned his back on his beloved McLaren. Jamie and Sam got their first car choice with McLaren and they are looking to build on their competitive pre season.

Lamine eventually took Odemz after no driver wanted to risk picking someone who doesn't know if he'll be racing on Friday. Real life friends Steve and Mosh signed the papers with Force India to team up for Season 9.

Season 9 Team & Teammate Selection Groups released ahead of live Twitter event...

Date: 11.05.17

Written by: Nick

With the start of Season 9 only weeks away, the Team & Teammate Selection Groups have been released.

Driver's from Group 1 will pick a team and offer a driver from Group 2 the chance to race alongside them live on Twitter.

The biggest question on everyone's mind is whether Season 8 Constructor's Champs Lio & Cliffy are going to team up again. A few eyebrows were raised around the paddock when Cliffy choose to move himself into the second group ahead of the event.

In likely partnerships we will see Stevie & Mosh team up as well as Dan & Hellboy. First pick Nick is set to choose his beloved Mercedes but it's not clear who will partner him at this stage. Charlie and Igbo have reportedly both held conversations with Red Bull ahead of their 4th and 2nd picks respectfully.

To tune into this classic F1 Ts Hub event make sure  you follow us on Twitter & any drivers who are involved are encouraged to head to the forum to run through the process.

Sign Up open midnight (UK) 05/05/17...

Date: 04.05.17

Written by: Nick

Expectations seem to be high ahead of the new Season 9 with drivers particularly excited by some of the new features on offer for the 10 race calendar.

We caught up with co-owner Igbo and asked him about the upcoming season and the generosity of drivers upgrading to Premium. He had this to say ahead of the Season 9 Sign Up opening at Midnight Friday the 5th.

 "I'm feeling very humbled at seeing this generosity and eagerness to hangout with us and very grateful for all the support. I'm extremely proud of what we have and how we do things here. I can't wait to put on an even greater show this season!"

F1 Ts Hub steal 2nd in PS4 F1 2016 Community League Invitational...

Date: 28.04.17

Written by: Nick

After a torrid start in the Invitational Event F1 Ts Hub recovered well to finish as runner's up.

In the first two rounds it was the current champ Jonno who lead the way with some heavy point finishes as the Constructor Champs Lio and Cliffy struggled to stay out of trouble.

It wasn't until the third round where Lio stole the match by taking the win and his first official win on his wheel. Bad luck seems to follow the team as Cliffy suffered a last lap puncture and Nick was spun onto the grass at turn 3.

In Singapore Cliffy collected Tus after threatening for the win but it was a solid result for F1 Ts Hub even though Dan and Lio were plagued with incidents.

Entering the last round F1 Ts Hub were in third by a massive 30 points but a VSC helped Cliffy to take a well deserved win with his teammate unfortunate to finish in 3rd. Johndog from HRL caused mayhem taking both Mercedes driver's out and even Cliffy went for a spin whilst trying to get past. The Merc's eventually finished 7th & 8th to complete the only driver line up to have all their driver's finish in the points not once, but twice.

The League sent our their appreciation for the invitation to such a fun event and would like to thank all the drivers who took part and of course the driver's who showed support all the way through.

Season 9 set for NEW & exciting format...

Date: 28.04.17

Written by: Nick

With the announcement of Season 9 setting the stage for a season full or excitement and drama one of the key features announced was the Group Stage Format.

For the first time ever two Driver's World Championships will be up for grabs with the Constructor's being decided within the first 5 races.

Nobody knows exactly how the format will play out but what we do know is that the League Management Team clearly have one thing on their mind - they want to see close racing all the way down the field and right until the last chequered flag.

Who will Lioblade pick to help him keep his 100% Constructor's Championship record?

Date: 28.04.17

Written by: Nick

Another shock announcement see's Season 8 being the last season to feature F1 Ts Hub's unique 'Rep Points'.

With the Team & Teammate Live Selection set to take place on the 19.05.17 most of the paddock are wondering who is the double World Constructor's Champ Lioblade going to pick as his teammate in season 9.

Early suggestions is that Lioblade has already made his mind up but there are no clear favourites until we see who has signed up and what group everyone will be in. One thing is for sure tho, Lio will have to wrap his Constructor's Title up in the first 5 races before he turns his attention to what must be a quest for a maiden Driver's Title.