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When a driver signs up to race at F1 Ts Hub, they need to agree to a 'Driver Code'. If this code is broken a 3 stage penalty system will be applied. The 3 stage penalty warning system will not be applied for incidents that the stewards can already penalise for. The system is used to bring an element of stability on/off track and encourage drivers to contain their emotions after a stewarding result or bad race.

5 Championship Points Deduction

Race Ban

Disqualified from Season

I agree to participate to the best of my ability at F1 Ts Hub and not partake in any unsportsmanlike conduct. I will need to understand as a driver I have a responsibility to the league to show it in it's best light and never bring the league, its values or it's rules into disrepute. I will follow the rules set out on and off track and respect other drivers and league admin at all times. I will respect the stewards decisions and value all the hard work that is put in by all parties involved.

Driver Code


Game: F1 2017 (PS4)

Night: Friday

Podium Tier: 7PM | Pinnacle Tier: 8PM | Prestige Tier: 9PM (GMT)

Era: Modern

Practice: None

Qualifying: Short

Race Distance: 50% (To commence after race)

Grid: Qualifying Results

Weather: Dynamic

Session Start Time: Official

Car Performance: Equal

Parc Fermé Rules: On

Collisions: On

Vehicle Damage: Full

Safety Car: On

Rules & Flags: On

Corner Cutting Rules: See Calendar Page

Formation Lap: On

Race Starts: Manual

Braking Assist: Off

Anti Lock Breaks: Driver Choice

Traction Control: Driver Choice

Gearbox: Driver Choice

Pit Assist: Off

Pit Release Assist: Off

Racing Line: Driver Choice


1st - 25 Points

2nd - 18 Points

3rd - 15 Points

4th - 12 Points

5th - 10 Points

6th - 8 Points

7th - 6 Points

8th - 4 Points
9th - 2 Points

10th - 1 Point


1.1: When leaving the pit lane stay between the white lines & ensure when rejoining you do not block or rejoin in an unsafe manner

1.2: When on a slowing lap please ensure to stay off the racing line and be aware of faster cars so you do not cause a dangerous situation

1.3: When racing or setting a timed lap you must keep two wheels between the outer white lines of the track unless the Steward's have allowed a certain corner to be maximised further (see calendar page for each tracks Corner Cut Setting)

1.4: When entering the pit lane stay between the white lines & ensure your speed is slowed sufficiently for the correct white line

1.5: The pit lane entry and exit is part of the race track and will be treated like so

1.6: If you are on a flying lap you do not need to move out of the way for another car

1.7: When entering the pits you must be aware of other cars around you and not cause them to take avoiding action

1.8: Stewards have a wide range of powers to remove or add penalties to drivers after the race

1.9: If you go wide or cut a corner, slow sufficiently enough and rejoin safely so that if a penalty is applied stewards can remove it

1.10: Any deliberate move to damage or slow down another car will not be tolerated at all and could result in a ban

1.11: When being lapped you must make all effort to move out of the way and not slow down the leaders. Be especially careful when exiting the pits a lap down

1.12: Lagging is very dangerous and any driver who is seen to have repeated connection issues will not be allowed to race until it can be sorted

1.13: When the Safety Car comes onto the track and it has found the leader the lead car can not enter the pits to prevent the game from disqualifying other drivers. If the lead driver wants to pit he either has to wait until the SC comes in or before he catches the SC to begin with

1.14: Even after the Safety Car has signalled it will come in at the end of the lap - all drivers must stay within 10 car lengths of the driver in front

1.15: During the formation lap all drivers must keep up with a reasonable speed and stay within 10 car lengths of the driver in front

1.16 You are responsible for your car for the duration of the qualifying and race session


2.1: Do not at any point vote to end the session

2.2: Please follow all session instructions that your Tier Coordinator gives you via a private PSN Chat or on the forum

2.3: Do not start the race until the host has signalled to do so

2.4: Missing races without informing your Tier Coordinator could result in you being removed from the Season

2.5: The host will send you 2 back up invites. If you disconnect you will be able to rejoin up until the chequered flag. The AI will be set to 80(Podium Tier) 90(Pinnacle Tier) 100(Prestige Tier) difficulty to ensure a fair racing pace

2.6: Do not spam the forum with the same post

2.7: Always respect admin and other members on the forum

2.8: Do not argue with the stewards or bring their decisions into distribute

2.9: We are a community at F1 Ts Hub and encourage all members to get along, we will not tolerate any bullying or abusive towards any other member

2.10: There is to be no profanity or advertising of another league in anyway shape or form; without permission, on the forum

2.11: We abide by PSN Terms & Conditions and it's our duty to report anyone breaking their or our policies

2.12: In the extreme unlikely circumstance that a driver is deliberately taken out, the Stewards can award championship points to that driver

2.13: Drivers will not be able to 'Retire from session' in qualifying. This stops distraction for drivers on hot laps. If you have finished your running please wait in the garage for the session to end

2.14: If a driver wants to quit the race, they must retire their car in the pits from the current session before quiting. This stops cars going round causing dangerous situations.

2.15:  If the host Disconnects before the Race then a new lobby will be created up to 2 times before we proceed to the race with or without the host. Each time we will use a different host

2.16: A 5-minute delay will be permitted at the Tier Coordinators discretion as long as the driver requests the extra 5 minutes to the tier coordinator privately, at the earliest opportunity prior to the scheduled start time

2.17: If theres a lobby malfunction or mass disconnection following a host departure three things can happen: A) If less than 5 laps have been completed we will restart the race using the same qualifying results B) If more than 5 laps have been completed we will restart the race at a 25% race distance with the grid order determined by the positions on the last racing lap prior to the disconnections C) If there is 5 or laps left in the race the Stewards can call the result with the finishing positions counted back to the last racing lap prior to disconnections


3.1: All overtakes must be completed within the white lines of the track

3.2: A cars width must be given when the majority of another car is along side you

3.3: You must defend your position within the white lines of the track & not keep your position by going outside the white lines and continuing on

3.4: If you do gain a position outside the white lines you must only do so to prevent a further incident

3.5: If you make contact or unfairly defend your position you must wait for the other driver to re pass before attempting to overtake again

3.6: It is always the responsibility of the driver behind attempting the overtake to ensure a clean and fair manoeuvre

3.7: A driver defending his position must not make several movements to block the driver attempting the overtake

3.8: If an incident is your fault, you should wait and allow the other driver to repass you before continuing to race. This must be done in a safe and orderly manner

3.9: When defending your position on a straight you must pick your line and not make any sudden movements

3.10: Drivers defending can move back towards the racing line as long as they follow rule 3.2

3.11: If a driver tries a 'half hearted' move and puts his car up the inside or outside of a corner, rule 3.2 will not apply because there will not be sufficient time for the defending driver to leave room

3.12: 'Divebombs' are allowed but must be done in a controlled manner. Driver's who divebomb and cant control their car will be penalised for reckless driving

3.13: More than 3 cars into a corner usually doesn't go. The Stewards will do their best to apportion blame but in most cases a racing incident will usually be the result

3.14: You can not leave your front wing on the inside or outside of a car through a corner, this will most likely result in the car in front making contact and spinning off

3.15: Tit for Tat driving will not be tolerated by drivers


All drivers should make every effort to ensure their internet connection is as good as possible before entering an F1 Ts Hub lobby. Below is a list of some of the best ways to maximise your connection and reduce the chances of lag/sync issues occurring when racing.

  • Use a wired (ethernet) connection between your PS4 and router
  • Restart your router before entering the lobby (this can sometimes take several minutes so please do this in good time prior to the session starting)
  • If you must use a Wi-Fi connection, ensure your router is as close to the PS4 as possible and in the open, away from walls or obstructions
  • Ensure that others aren’t using the same internet connection, where possible
  • Don’t use high bandwidth services such as Netflix or video chat applications whilst in the F1 Ts Hub lobby
  • Avoid streaming, particularly if you have doubts over your connection

If you’re unsure as to how good your connection is, you can test it on your PS4 and see if you need you make any improvements. To do this go to Settings>Network>Test Internet Connection. Pay attention to your upload and download speeds and ensure your NAT type displays “2”.

If a driver is found to have a bad connection which is having a negative effect on the F1 Ts Hub lobby by causing issues such as lag/desync or disconnections, they will be asked to improve their connection. If this isn’t possible, the Management Team reserve the right to remove drivers from the league without prior notice if no solution can be found.