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Premium Membership

What is a Premium Membership?

Premium Members contribute financially to the league in form of direct donations. We’d like to make this clear that this is completely voluntary and premium members will gain no major advantage in championship, standings or car performance(directly or otherwise). They do so at their own discretion and willingness to the greater good of the league which we gratefully appreciate and fully welcome*.

How much does it cost and what is the money used for?

What exclusive features do I receive?

  • 10% Discount at the Shop
  • GUARANTEED Race Seat
  • Trophies if you Win a Title
  • Merchandise Giveaway
  • Driver Avatar (displayed at the bottom of all your posts)
  • Team & Teammate Selection Priority
  • Gold Branding

You can donate through PayPal or any credit/debit card

All donations will be kept in a league account which will only be used for the running and expanding of F1 Ts Hub. The money will be spent on improving the league and also contribute to the running of the website. It will also pay for official giveaways like T-Shirts, Mugs, and Caps; which will one lucky premium member will wineach season through a raffle.

Thank You!

Thank you for your kind contribution and decision to become a premium member. Together we raise and grow our prospects and fully value your assistance; mere words can't express how much your donation means to us. Thank you and enjoy your exclusive Premium Member features.
*all donations are non-refundable