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The Owners

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Head of League
Hey! I had this idea what feels like a long time ago to create a F1 racing league. Never would I have imagined for it to grow into the league it has today. I've retired from racing myself and more focus on the commentary box & the admin side of the league. 

I'm a restaurant manager by day and night, in between I'm a young entrepreneur who has a big belief in eSports and what it has to offer the competitive mind.

In my hay-day I was always known to take the car to the limit and be one of the best in battle!


Head of Social
I’ve got a real race driver trapped inside me. Loved racing since I played my very first race on the Commodore 64 called Pole Position.  Started F1 gaming since 1997 BC [before codemasters] on the PS1 game from Psygnosis.  Found my home here at F1TsHub since season one and have never left. 

My last race was in season 9. I jointly own this league and handle the social media side of things amongst others. My main objectives are to maintain and enhance our great atmosphere and growth.

If you hunger for clean organised competitive friendly racing then you have arrived!

Our Team

trusted, enthusiastic & passionate about league racing


Head of Racing
I'm Jonno, two time drivers & constructors champion here at F1TsHub. Having raced in seasons 4, 6 & 8 alongside Ermi and Nick, I enjoyed a successful spell in the league and found it my natural home when it came to league racing. 

Consistency was my strength and perhaps ultimate speed my weakness but I believe I always maximised what I had. Now retired from competitive driving, i'm currently the head of racing operations here. That basically means i'm involved in setting out the rules and regulations that are the foundations of life both on, and off the track for our drivers. I also head up the stewards and oversee the decisions they make every week to ensure the right decisions are made and that we're fair and impartial at all times. F1 Ts Hub has given me so many incredible racing memories and I have no doubt it will do the same for each of you.


Head of eSports
Dutch. Gamer. Music lover. Sports enthousiast. E-sports advocate.

 Unlike the others at F1 Ts Hub, I'm still new in the F1 community, as I only started to fall in love with F1 in 2016. It's great to be working with such passionate and skilled people. With my passion, vision and daytime job as account manager in the gaming industry, I'm confident I am able to contribute my part to the mighty F1 Ts Hub feature that lays ahead of us.


Head of Media
Hello and Welcome to F1 Ts Hub! My name is Odemz, head of media operations. Essentially my job is the handling of the press. 

Race recaps, Interviews, a new feature called the Driver Press Conference and Track Guide's. It's a lot of work but there's no league I'd rather do it in than F1 Ts Hub. 

My Career here has consisted of blistering pace, dominating wins, and showing the latter two enough times a season so everyone ignores my poor league position. This was my first racing league, it is my favorite racing league, and I have no doubt to any newcomers reading this that'll be the same for them.


Head of Teams

Hello, my name is Jamie. My league racing career started out on Gran Turismo 6 and Project Cars where I won races and a championship in a community league. I have been a keen player of F1 games since F1 97 and I was mainly an offline player to be honest, however in the early days of F1 2016, I wanted to give league racing a go, I signed up to F1 Ts Hub and joined early on in season 8, however I quit early because I was way off the pace and inconsistent.

However, I then learnt about the game and found a lot more pace by working out setup and strategy and by the time season 9 was announced I was ready to sign up, I finished 7th in the top tier that season, mainly through consistent points finishes. On F1 2017, I raced in season 10, started off in the pinnacle tier but soon moved down as my pace was better suited to the podium tier and I finished 6th in the drivers standings, likewise via consistent points finishes, with my best result in a race being 4th four times, I also picked up three driver of the day awards. I have since retired from league racing but now I am your team manager and my role is to get drivers matched to the correct teams and ensure the smooth running of the teams in all three tiers of F1 Ts Hub.

In terms of Formula One, I’m more a team fan than a driver fan, with my favourite team being McLaren, however I do have a soft spot for Williams, my favourite seasons of watching Formula One were 1997, 1999, 2003 and 2012, wide open seasons, multiple winners and good title battles.


Your Tier Co-ordinators

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Podium Tier
Friday 7PM [GMT]


Pinnacle Tier
Friday 8PM [GMT]


Prestige Tier
Friday 9PM [GMT]