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Hey everyone!

As you know, our website has always been the backbone of our Race the Dream, Live the Dream experience. We've been using Webs for 5 years now investing a huge amount of time and finances into their hosting and builders. We believe we've created and maintained one of the best looking websites for a Formula One League across all platforms. However, our frustration with Webs and their inability to provide us with the basic service we pay for has meant that it is time to leave.

We can look back and remeber Webs as a part of our history and how we built what we have today. Season 11 will be the last season to use our current hosting package and over the summer we will be completely rebuilding from the ground up.

www.f1tshub.com will remain our address but the changes will be massive. Myself and Igbo as league owners have decided to invest heavily into the community and home of F1 Ts Hub by agreeing a new partnership for our beloved home.

We look forward to sharing more news with you when the right time comes.

Exciting and successful times are on the horizion!

Enjoy the rest of Season 11!

Many thanks,

Nick & Igbo


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