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Incident 1

Drivers involved: Lukey

Decision: -5 seconds removed from Lukey’s race time

Reason: Lukey was handed a 5 second time penalty unfairly by the game. The game displays this as 10 seconds at the end of the race, as we have seen many times before but only actually adds on the correct amount (5 seconds). Therefore, 5 seconds will be removed from lukey’s race time.

Incident 2

Driver’s involved: Brady, Nowek & Sean

Decision: No further action

Reason: The stewards have views all available footage and believe that, whilst Nowek’s driving was very aggressive during some of his overtaking manoeuvres, he was just within the right side of fairness and so no penalty will be issued. However, these sort of overtaking attempts carry a big risk and so perhaps it would be best to show a bit more restraint in future to avoid possible incidents.


Incident 3

Drivers involved: Francis, jamesslater & Nowek

Decision: x1 +10 second time penalty issued to Nowek]

Reason: Nowek carries too much speed into turn 1, running all four wheels over the inside of the corner, hits Jamesslater, sending him into a spin which also led to Francis suffering front wing damage. This was a messy and dangerous bit of driving and so 10 seconds will be added to Nowek’s race time.


Incident 4

Drivers involved: Beasthas & Louis

Decision: x1 +5 seconds added to Beasthas’ race time

Reason: Beasthas goes for a very late overtaking manoeuvre but carries too much speed into the apex of the corner, pushing Louis wide and gaining the position unfairly. Whilst we understand that he saw it as perhaps a last opportunity to take the win at the end of the race and that the move itself was potentially worth attempting, he should have returned the position once contact was made and Louis was forced tom run off track. Louis does drift back towards the middle of the circuit slightly from Beasthas POV, but Louis onboard shows him taking an acceptable line into the apex and that the overtake attempt overstepped the limits of contact and aggressiveness. Therefore, a 5 second time penalty has been added to Beasthas’ race time.


Incident 5

Drivers involved: Sean & Mali

Decision: x1 +10 second time penalty added to Sean’s race time

Reason: Sean fails to leave enough space when Mali is attempting to overtake around the outside of turn 18. Despite Mali being alongside, Sean moves to the left, leading to contact and Mali being forced wide. He rejoin’s as the cars enter the penultimate corner, this time on the inside. Sean sweeps by on the outside, making slight contact but causing Mali to spin and pick up wing damage. Sean admits to not noticing the proximity arrow but as it significantly impacted Mali’s race, a 10 second time penalty will be added to Sean’s race time.


Incident 6

Drivers involved: Kian

Decision: No further action

Reason: The stewards sympathise with Kian in this case, but after consulting with the management team, have decided that we aren’t able to remove the race time that was added incorrectly by the game. Firstly, due to him being a lap down, it’s difficult for us to determine exactly how much time would need to be removed. Secondly, it’s impossible for us to know what could potentially have happened had the disconnect not happened and the ai taken control. A race should be about the cars on track and as with other lag or network related incidents, we prefer to not open up to trying to fix/mask issues that are beyond our control as this opens up the potential for many other scenarios which can get complicated for all involved. We know that Kian has suffered with connection issues in the past and ultimately this has led to this situation arising. We hope he can do all he can to improve his connection for the remaining races.

Incident 7

Drivers involved: alen_bih23 & Mathis

Decision: x1 +10 second time penalty added to alen’s race time

Reason: Going side by side through the ‘S’ section of sector 1, Mathis gets alongside alen and is entitled to space. However, alen appears to drive as if his car isn’t there, moves across and makes contact, leading Mathis to unfortunately DNF. Overtaking and going side by side in this section of track is always very risky and has been the scene of accidents before in F1TsHub. However, in this case, alen is to blame for not leaving enough space, and so 10 seconds will be added to his race time. We encourage him to make use of his mirrors and proximity arrows in future.


Incident 8

Drivers involved: Tejuar (PSN chat behaviour)

Decision: Stage 1 Driver Code Penalty issued to Tejuar

Reason: After Friday's race, Tejuar used inappropriate language in the PSN chat and directly insulted another driver. This breaks the drivers code that everyone agreed to when joining F1TsHub. We understand that it’s frustrating when things don’t go well, and you believe others drove badly, but everyone must keep within the rules set out for off track behaviour and remember that were all here because we love F1 and want to race each other on track.

Incident 9

Drivers involved: Jorrit and Lukey

Decision: x1 +5 second time penalty added to Lukeys race time

Reason: In the penultimate corner, Lukey attempts to overtake on the inside. However, he doesn’t brake sufficiently, leading to him running completely off circuit on exit and pushing Jorrit wide also. The stewards feel that whilst it was a genuine attempt, it wasn’t a clean and fair move and so he should have returned the position and tried again. Therefore, a 5 second time penalty will be added to his race time.


Incident 10:

Drivers involved: Sean (Forum chat behaviour)

Decision: Official warning issued to Sean

Sean used inappropriate language in his race report after Friday’s race. We would like to remind him, and everyone that swearing should be avoided when speaking publicly on either the F1TsHub forum or the PSN chat groups.


All decisions are final


The stewards

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